Sudden CPU temp rise

  Ray5776 15:05 19 Mar 2006

Hello all,

I am using XP pro, P4 machine. Have MBM5 installed and was showing CPU temp 82-87f on average. Temp suddenly went up to 171f and the alarm went off.
Shut down immediately, gave it time to cool and when rebooted, all was fine again.
Can anyone suggest what may have caused this I dont want the CPU frying itself. This has not happened before to my knowledge, it is not overclocked and the fan in running OK.


  Freddog™ 15:12 19 Mar 2006

Is the CPU heatsink/fan damaged in any way? Is there a good connection between the CPU and the heatsink. Is there any compound on the heatsink?

  Ray5776 15:15 19 Mar 2006

That was quick thanks, it all appears to be in order, nothing loose or obvious.


  De Marcus™ 15:21 19 Mar 2006

I've hazard a guess at MBM5 being out of order here, believe you me your pc would have shut down long before MBM5 could record that kind of temperature and it actually being accurate, the problem being that MBM5 is most likely not using the correct probe in a proper manner and therefore activates the shutdown procedure. Your most reliable source of cpu temp is in the bios, check there first.

  De Marcus™ 15:29 19 Mar 2006

Whoa, got ahead of myself, I've just realised the temps are stated as being in fahrenheit and not celsius, your original 82-87f is fine, the 171f is very hot, approx 77c. I'd still recommend checking the bios before relying on a software based probe.

  Ray5776 15:30 19 Mar 2006

I hope you are right DeMarcus, I cant think of any other explanation hence the posting.
Will the PC shutdown anyway if overheating occurs?


  De Marcus™ 15:33 19 Mar 2006

If it's a p4 machine then the likelihood of the bios having the ability to read cpu temps is high, it should also be the case that it will have a cut off point with which you can set yourself. However, don't just rely on the probability, have a look and confirm it, just don't go making changes if your not confident in doing so.

  Ray5776 15:41 19 Mar 2006

Shows 87f in the BIOS now, as I said it has been fine since I rebooted it.
I did not check in the bios when the siren started sounding, turned it straight off "Panic Stations"


  Mr Mistoffelees 15:42 19 Mar 2006

If you are going to use a software pc monitoring program then I would suggest you try the offering from your motherboard manufacturer. I use Asus PC Probe.

  De Marcus™ 15:43 19 Mar 2006

Just to make sure, disable or uninstall MBM5, run your pc for an hour or so under some stress and reboot, checking the bios temp as you do, if you only see a small rise in temp, all is perfectly normal, you can breathe easy.

  Diemmess 15:46 19 Mar 2006

Yesterday I took the fan from an old nVidea graphics card.
The fluff and dust were caked on each blade while the fins on most of the heat sink were completely blocked with added fluff.

This was relatively old upgrade, in a defunct HP Vectra with a P2! but the PC had died a sudden all embracing death.

Worth a look, just in case.

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