subspooler trojan horse ??

  chriscross72 13:53 07 Dec 2006

my partner turned on her laptop last night and received a warning from AVG anti virus that a trojan horse - i think it was something called a subspooler-had been detected.It also mentioned Winlog.exe
She followed the instructions on AVG and rebooted her laptop.
The machine would not boot up properly afterwards, so we saved all her critical data to disc and decided to reinstall windows as it had not been done for over 2 years and the machine needed a clean up.
I formatted the 6gb hard drive using windows 2000 disc and followed the set-up instructions.
However the machine still refuses to boot up into windows.
I can start it into safe mode but that is all.
Any ideas please ?
Thank you : ))

  birdface 14:03 07 Dec 2006

Tried AVG for that one, Could not find it,click here

  birdface 14:04 07 Dec 2006

Could not find one with Subspooler in it,

  chriscross72 14:07 07 Dec 2006

i may have got the name wrong did not see properly.....can onl boot laptop to safe mode it just keeps loading windows to the start screen shutting down then doing the same again

  birdface 14:22 07 Dec 2006

Happened to my sons computer last week, Still cant get it to run properly,If you can actually get into safe mode you must be able to fix it from there, Although sons computer starts in safe mode it does not get that much further,Although i did manage to get it to start last night,Things were not right, And will be surprised if it starts to-day,there seams to be an awfull lot off computers crashing lately wonder what the main problem is,Hope you have more success than me.

  birdface 14:26 07 Dec 2006

Someone else opened a thread with the same problem as you.A lot of it going about.

  chriscross72 14:44 07 Dec 2006

the laptop will go into safe mode but that's it....any other form of boot up attempt and it stops after 'windows is starting up' screen

  birdface 14:52 07 Dec 2006

Not sure about this,But have you got it set to boot up from Disc or Floppy,If you downloaded it from disc, You have to make sure it is booting from disc and not floppy.Its all a bit beyond me.

  birdface 15:03 07 Dec 2006

This one just in front of here

  birdface 15:06 07 Dec 2006

Sorry just found out you had already posted it,You will probably have to close the other one, As they dont like you running two threads with the same problem.

  chriscross72 20:17 07 Dec 2006

could this have affected the bios ??

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