blake66 13:16 25 Sep 2007

I want to publish a single web page with it's own (web)address. Is this what they call a subdomain? If so, how is this done?

Thanks in advance

  DieSse 13:59 25 Sep 2007

Do you have a domain name?

If not and you don't want to get one, you can get free hosting (a place to put the page) and a free subdomain name (up to 5, actually) here click here.

Awardspace puts no ads on you page.

An Awardspace subdomain takes the form http:/ / (no space in between the /s - the space put there to stop it making a "click here" link).

  webber_man 13:59 25 Sep 2007

If you mean publish to a domain name (website) that you own such as www. singlewebpage then you need to purchase the domain first.

Through someone like or similar. Then you need to buy hosting for the domain name which allows you to upload (publish) files via an FTP programme to that domain for others to see on the web.

Most people have some kind of free hosting space with their ISP. So the cheapest way would be to buy a domain and point it to your web space. That will mean others just type the web address of www. singlewebpage instead of something like http:// www. myinternetserviceprovider .com/userspace/blake66/singlewebpage.html

You can download free FTP software like filezilla of aceftp to uplaod your files to your server (webspace)

Hope that helps!

  webber_man 14:02 25 Sep 2007

...forgot to add -

if you have the domain www. blake66 then you won't need a subdomain.

A subdomain would be something like www. subdomain.blake66 - where 'subdomain' can be anything you want.

  blake66 15:16 25 Sep 2007

Sorry guys I should have said that I do have a website. I simply want to publish a webpage separate from the website and wondered if I would have to purchase or obtain a Host as with the website. I think you have both solved it for me, many thanks for your help.

  DieSse 18:24 25 Sep 2007

You can simply upload the page to your existing host, giving it a unique page name that doesn't have links to the rest of your pages - then you can see it directly.

If your site is called, say mysite - and you call this individual page mypage.htm then it's web address would be www. (without the space which is just to stop the click here appearing)

Or if your host allows subdomains - many do - you could set it up in a subdomain. Say you called the subdomain "special" - the the address would be www.

  Forum Editor 18:49 25 Sep 2007

you should put all files relating to it in a separate folder in what is called the root of your webspace - that is, the space itself, not inside any other folders. Inside the sub-domain folder you would create a folder heirarchy just as you do in the main site - images in a separate folder, etc.

All sub-domains must have their own index file - a homepage - although that's all they need. If you just want one page make sure it's called 'index.html'

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