Sub Domains?

  Martyn23 18:40 19 Feb 2006

I am looking at using a web host and wondered if my web site click here is classed as a subdomain of click here

My site has a weather station with monthly reports stored on seperate pages accessed from a master index. If this was classed as a sub domain I would have to be very careful to ensure that I had a sufficient number of sub domains available.

Have a look at the site and you will see what I mean.


  ade.h 19:41 19 Feb 2006

No. You have a sub-domain of Freeserve, in much the same way as update . microsoft . com (spaces added for obvious reasons).

A service that offers sub-domains is designed for this purpose.

  Martyn23 20:14 19 Feb 2006

So does this mean that if I use my new domain name e.g. and then that this is not classed as a sub domain?


  Forum Editor 21:02 19 Feb 2006

is simply a url - it points to a page inside the website that is uploaded to

a sub domain would be addressed as:

  Martyn23 21:18 19 Feb 2006

I think I understand.

My concern was that I have many sub folders under my current freeserve account. If I moved to a web host I am limited to 50 sub domains but as my pages are all sub folders currently i.e. these would not count towards my 50 sub domains.

I think I am confusing Sub folders with sub domains otherpages/ if I am right with this I will not be limited to the number of sub folders.

Please confirm that I am right with my thoughts before I set up my new web hosting account.

Many thanks

  Forum Editor 21:34 19 Feb 2006

inside your website as you like. With large, complax sites it helps to create sub-directories, so that you can keep lots of image files (for instance) organised. If you had a site about endangered species you might have one section for each major continent, and you could create separate sub-directories for files relating to a single continent.

Sub-domains are different. With sub-domains you can create entire, separate websites. So, using my endangered species example, you could have a separate site for africa as a subdomain of the main site. Then, your visitors would go to where you would have a distinct site, just for that continent.

  Martyn23 21:39 19 Feb 2006

Many thanks from a wiser web creator.



  Forum Editor 21:39 19 Feb 2006

a sub-directory would be addressed like this:-

a sub-domain would be addressed like this:-

Then, in the latter case, you could have subdirectories like this:-

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