Sub £100 Graphics card with fan but quiet ??

  Maiden. 21:04 27 Mar 2008


Looking for a new graphics card to replace my rather embarrasing 7400 LE (I'd never heard of it either !), nothing too fancy needed, occasional gaming and some video editing etc but would like it to be useful for the next few years.

Been looking at 8600 GT, 7900's etc but I have a specific requirement - the card needs to be very quiet, BUT with a fan (airlow is not good enough for passive).

Can you recommend a sub £100 card that is quiet and falls in to the "sort of OK" bracket please.

Many thanks


  Maiden. 21:47 27 Mar 2008

Done some more digging and found the Sapphire X1950 Pro Ultimate with Zalman heatsink / fan cooling, which they claim is near silent.

In your opinion, any good ?

  I am Spartacus 21:50 27 Mar 2008

It's only very quiet (not silent) if you reduce the fan speed with something like RivaTuner click here or connect via a Zalman Fanmate click here

  smoking44 21:54 27 Mar 2008

Running 2x 8600GT (novatech). Can honestly say they are quiet as a mouse.

  Maiden. 21:56 27 Mar 2008

Thanks both

smoking44 - is that under high use conditions as well (resource hungry games etc)?


  smoking44 22:02 27 Mar 2008

Play crysis with no problems with noise with med to high settings or any game installed, (kids must about 10 games installed)

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