Stuttery Online Video?

  TicTacToc 10:38 20 Oct 2006

The problem has only cropped up relatively recently but it is a big pain.

I use Windows Media Player 11, and wanted to go back to 10 which I think I prefer but it won't let me as it says I am installing an older version.

On sites like YouTube, the motion is like 4fps. The audio is fine however.

Also I can't open the Channel 4 Simulcast in any browser without it crashing the browser.

Any ideas?

  TicTacToc 11:03 20 Oct 2006

A few things: the video is fully buffered (already completely loaded so its not pausing to load).

My computer has ample specifications (x2 3800+, 2gb RAm e.t.c)

Closing other tabs seems to make it a tiny bit better but still not much.

  john-232317 11:14 20 Oct 2006

Codecs ? when I had trouble viewing vids I downloaded klite codecs click here and that cured it.

  Sethhaniel 11:22 20 Oct 2006

WMP Shortcut - then click 'shortcut' 'advanced' - make sure 'run in seperate memory space' is ticked

  TicTacToc 11:35 20 Oct 2006

Sethhaniel, I am not sure where you mean. I have searced through every WMP option in Tools but with no luck.

Do you mean within Firefox? Where do I access that action?

thanks for the link dadyassa, I have downloed those codecs but with no apparant change.

  Sethhaniel 11:50 20 Oct 2006

click 'start' 'programs' 'accesories' 'entertainment'
there will be the shortcut to 'Windows Media Player' right click on this short cut select properties then click 'shortcut' then 'advanced' - make sure 'run in seperate memory space' is ticked

  TicTacToc 14:57 20 Oct 2006

thanks Sethhaniel - it was ticked already however.

I never had problems with WMP 10, how do I uninstall 11 so it will let me revert back to 10 without saying I am installing an older version?

  john-232317 16:24 20 Oct 2006

Apparently you can roll back to the previous version by doing a system restore.

click here

  john-232317 16:31 20 Oct 2006

Sorry link opened to the start page.

Click how do I uninstall.

click WMP 11, this will open up list to do, on the last line it explains about the sys restore option.

  TicTacToc 10:44 21 Oct 2006

Thanks for the info dadyassa, but when I try and uninstall WMP11 using that tutorial Windows stops me because: 'you have already deleted some of the files required for the installation'.

I tried reinstalling WMP11 but that didn't help. Any way to get back the files required apart from re-installing?

But, I have found something that may be of importance. When video is smooth and working fine firefox is only using about 10% of my Dual Core CPU. However when the motion is stuttery it is using 50$ of my dual core, and if I set it to affinity on 1 core that core is maxed out at 100% just by running this online video.

So has this odd cpu usage got something to do with it?


  john-232317 16:45 23 Oct 2006

This is the last line I meant, its just below the tutorial list.

You can also use System Restore to roll back to the previous version of the Player. For more information about System Restore, see Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur.

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