Stuttering sound on Windows startup

  Pine Man 19:53 16 Dec 2004

I have just reinstalled XP and now when windows starts the sound stutters as if the needle has stuck on a record!

I have a Creative Audigy LS sound card which appears to be working perfectly apart from when windows starts.

It was ok before reinstalling XP.

Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:57 16 Dec 2004





and see if it comes up with any problems.

Also, try changing the startup sound - see if it still happens.

  billyliv 22:20 16 Dec 2004

Hi Mine has done that since installing XP when it first came out. It doesn't bother me any more, I'm used to it. Cheers, Bill

  woodchip 22:23 16 Dec 2004

You can shut what ever sounds PC makes, Open Control Panel Sounds Icon you should see the tab remove any you do not want, or change to something that you like

  woodchip 22:32 16 Dec 2004

Have you tried reloading the Sound Driver Comp may be using a Microsoft Driver

  feb 07:59 17 Dec 2004

This might help click here

  Pine Man 10:04 25 Dec 2004

The best advice from microsoft and others to cure stuttering sound at windows XP start up is to turn it off! I believe I might have found an alterative.
Most motherboards now come with built in sound and when you install the software for the board you might also find that software for the sound is also added without you realising.
I added my own sound card and its own software and had disabled the on board sound through the BIOS but I had the stuttering sound at startup.
I later found the software for the on board sound (C-Media) on my hard drive and deleted it all. The problem was resolved and the sound is perfect.
C-Media never showed up on the add/remove programs list.
Happy Christmas

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