Stuttering sound when playing DVDs.

  six-h 00:43 21 Dec 2007

Just been asked for possible reasons for the above by my cousin,she has cleaned both lens and discs to no avail.
She has a 2 year old Dell machine on which she and her husband watch DVDs and play games.
Recently they have been suffering stuttering sound, not affecting the picture, but only when playing DVD films.
Others have advised a disk defrag which I said would not help, any ideas what may be the cause?
They have also noticed when playing games, that swift movement of the mouse causes blank patches on the screen that follow the movement.
I don't play games, but advised that it is likely that the graphics card is struggling to keep up, and that the solution, if they are seriously bothered would be to upgrade the card.
Was this good advice?

  MCE2K5 01:20 21 Dec 2007

Could be DMA not turned on.

Still working on WMP Problem, Not found the answer yet.

  six-h 01:30 21 Dec 2007

That would never have entered my head, 'cos I have no idea what it is, (apart from having just googled it!:-))
Is it likely that folk even less PC literate than I would have accidentally disabled it, that is assuming that it is enabled by default?

Thanks for remembering my predicament with WMP 11!

  MCE2K5 01:41 21 Dec 2007

The reason I said that is that i've got a 7 year old Laptop it just turns DMA off all on it's own any time it wants to (Bad Motherboard driver me thinks, on mine).

  MCE2K5 01:46 21 Dec 2007

"They have also noticed when playing games, that swift movement of the mouse causes blank patches on the screen that follow the movement".

Could be Graphics Driver or Mouse Pointer Trails.

  six-h 01:46 21 Dec 2007

How do you check to see if it's on or off?
and is it relatively simple to turn on again?
Bearing in mind that I have to explain remotely something of which I only have 3rd party knowledge!!

  MCE2K5 02:08 21 Dec 2007

In Control Panel, Click System, Hardware Tab, Device Manager Button, Double click IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, Double Click Primary IDE Channel, Advanced Settings Tab.

If DMA is turned on, Transfer Mode: Will be "DMA if Available"
Current Transfer Mode: (On Mine) Ultra DMA Mode 5.

  MCE2K5 02:10 21 Dec 2007

If DMA is turned off, Transfer Mode: Will be "PIO Only".

  six-h 02:17 21 Dec 2007

Now I can pass on your wisdom!
I'll phone her later today and see if it helps,
Thanks again.

  MCE2K5 02:22 21 Dec 2007

Your Welcome.
If you are not in a hurry, I will have another go with WMP after Christmas, Still trying to Media Center 2005 Running Right.

  six-h 02:30 21 Dec 2007

Grateful for your help, whenever!!
Wish you luck with Media Center.

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