Stupid Mouse

  fly2hi 19:48 29 Jun 2004

My usb optical wheel mouse has been playing up something rotten. Just stops every now and again.
So what do I get...a pop up that says something like "your mouse is not working, for more information, click this window"
Duh !

What with, Bill.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:50 29 Jun 2004

Is it cordless? Could be the batteries...

And it can be helpful to learn to navigate a PC without a mouse using the keyboard.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 29 Jun 2004

I think you're meant to use your psychic powers, didn't you know that?

  Dorsai 19:57 29 Jun 2004

Turn the little rodent over and see if the optical sensor/light bulb bit (for lack of a better word) have got a bit of dust/fluff in them. don't poke about in there, just look. if a bit of fluff has got stuck just try and blow it out by puffing on it...and make sure the surface you are using the mouse on is free of dust/bits... tobacco particles from roll you own really play havok...

  Totally-braindead 19:59 29 Jun 2004

Sorry wasn't very helpful but I couldn't resist. Do you have a lot of items plugged into the USB if so try disconnecting some of them and see if this does anything, perhaps the power supply is struggling to provide enough juice to the USB. Alternatively try reinstalling the driver, or if you're using a "other brand" mouse driver then try using the Microsoft one. I've got a A4 tech mouse and it did all sorts of weird things when I used its driver, since I switched to the Microsoft equivalent the problem has disapeared.

  fly2hi 20:14 29 Jun 2004 lad thinks you cannot be braindead as your second post appeared 7 seconds after your first.(wow!)'s a wired rodent, by all accounts should have about 25g of golden virginia inside it, but seems clear, no fluff etc. Strange thing is, the girls wireless mouse started playing up first on her pc, so she nicked my wired one, which is now playing up randomly on her pc. I had to take this wired mouse (which is exactly the same as the other one, of an older pc. Now this one is playing up. So that makes 3 mice (1 w/less, 2 wired) all messing about. Keep thinking it may be a little worm as both pcs are networked and virus protection has lapsed. I just can't believe that the mice have all packed in at the same time? Have to unplug, then replug usb, works fine for a random amount of time

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