Stupid Mistake with Partition Magic

  alcudia 11:15 01 Jan 2004

OS XP Pro. I was creating a 15Gb partition from the remaining 96Gb left on the system drive. Got distracted and failed to notice that I had set the size at 15Mb. Got no warning from PM and rebooted. Then I got a warning. Partition too small.

It's now sitting there in PM as an extended unallocated partion, and in Disk Management as an extended partition with 15Mb free space. Is it ok to just right click the patition in either PM or DM and click delete.

Grateful for any help, don't want to foul up.

  Boluwd 11:42 01 Jan 2004

Can't you use PM to resize the 15MB partition to the desired 15GB?

  Forum Editor 11:56 01 Jan 2004

to resize the partition.

  alcudia 12:30 01 Jan 2004

Yes I thought that too, but it won't go any larger than the 15mb it's set to. I right-click it and choose Resize\Move. The only change it will let me make is to reduce it to 7.8Mb, which I don't want to do. I would really like to get rid of it all together and start again. Or am I doing something wrong.

  Sheila-214876 12:33 01 Jan 2004

Have a go with Ranish. Download it free from click here

  [email protected] 12:52 01 Jan 2004

use partition magic to delete the small partition then simply add your new size

  soy 13:09 01 Jan 2004

Instead of resizing, try combining it with another partition. If that doesn't work, reduce the size of an adjacent partition so that theres free space and then resize the 15MB partition so that it fills the spare space.

  alcudia 08:11 02 Jan 2004

Sorry folks, had to go out for the rest of yesterday. Didn't get back till late.

I will follow what kellysbouncas says and just delete it. It's just an extended partition. There are no logical drives on it, and it has no letter. It's just that as it's part of the system drive I didn't want to do anything daft.

Thanks for the help.

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