Stuck writing a batch file

  Chris the Ancient 11:40 14 Apr 2008

This sort of thing is something I haven't done in many, many years - and already, I'm stuck }-((

I'm using XP Home.

Basically, at the end of the working day, I want to click one icon and copy the day's work to two locations - one on my D: drive and one on my laptop.

What I have tried so far...

@echo off
xcopy C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Desktop\First File.xls D:\$Data\Accounts\Accounts 08-09 m/e/y

Of course, that doesn't work! Now, I know, DOS doesn't handle names over eight characters or spaces either.

So, how do I do it? And across my wireless network to my laptop?

I know Briefcase could (possibly) do what I want. But, I've got the bit between my teeth over this and I really want to satisfy my curiosity on this.

Additionally, I believe that Win XP can't handle automation of such a batch file on close down?

I'd rather like to get my head round this rather than use the long-winded 'manual' method I use at the moment.

I'm out most of this afternoon; but I will keep checking in and may be rather late with any replies.



  Diemmess 12:00 14 Apr 2008

A very good way if you don't mind copying to one destination at a time is EZBackitup click here

Once set up with which files you need to copy and where to paste them, a single click does it.

  VoG II 12:04 14 Apr 2008

I wouldn't start from there if I was you!

I use SyncToy click here to copy work on my laptop remotely to mirror folders on a server. Once set up it is very easy to use.

I would use the Synchronize option and do one-way synchronizations only = i.e. from My Documents to D: and to your laptop,

  I am Spartacus 12:06 14 Apr 2008

Enclose any references to folders greater than 8 characters or with a space in quotes e.g. "Documents and Settings"

I'm interested to know a solution to referencing network drives.

  powerless 12:16 14 Apr 2008

If you were using XP Professional you can have the batch file kick in at shutdown/restart or when logging off. But not possible on Home [without third party).

You have not stuck quotes around those locations and I've added another switch:

@echo off
xcopy /m /e /i /y "C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Desktop\First File.xls" "D:\$Data\Accounts\Accounts 08-09"

However you are doing this across a network, so the above will not work.

The destination points to a local drive and not on a network.

You would need to use:

@echo off
xcopy /m /e /i /y "C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Desktop\First File.xls" "\\hostname\$Data\Accounts\Accounts 08-09"

Where \\hostname is the name of your laptop computer.

  Chris the Ancient 12:26 14 Apr 2008

Turn my back for a couple of moments and... WOW!!!
Millions of replies!

I'm just about to have an early lunch and go out to work.

But I will peruse all those in greater depth when I get back later. And then feed back on it all.

Many thanks.


  Switcher 13:43 14 Apr 2008

One way t make XP handle a batch file on close down would be to use the same batch file to shut
the PC down by making the last line.
Call Shutdown -t xx where xx =time in seconds

  Chris the Ancient 16:40 14 Apr 2008

A good added line which I had forgotten about! Which will be added when all is working.

Now to start playing...

  Chris the Ancient 18:41 14 Apr 2008

Having got the syntax correct - Thank You Powerless - I'm starting to build trial systems to achieve my (ever expanding) wants.

I did look at the alternatives offered, but they didn't quite fit my objectives and I felt it was about time that I exercised some of the redundant DOS skills that I used to have.

Quite what the eventual outcome and methodology will be is a little uncertain at the moment, but that will develop.

So, as it says at the top... Thanks for the help and input, everybody.


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