Stuck Using Norton Ghost

  SHUNNA 11:41 02 Aug 2005

I`m trying to restore my notebooks HD from an image file stored on DVD using the original dvd recorder that made the image.
No problems at the set up stage and notebook restarts in Dos as expected. However after entering choice 1, "Run Ghost Dos Operation" it seems to stick on first screen saying "Iomega ASPI USB-EHCI 1.0 V.02: 12 Aug 2002. Copyright...
and flashing hyphon at left of screen as if its waiting for an input from me?
Pressing various keys has no effect?

  keith-236785 11:50 02 Aug 2005

to restore a ghost image, you need to boot the pc with the norton ghost cd (not the image you made), the original disk you used to install ghost.

then you can start the restore drive image from there.

if you have already tried this and it wont work then i dont know what to suggest.

short of maybe contacting the manufacturer of your notebook to see if any drivers are needed to recognise the dvd drive in dos.

good luck

  SHUNNA 12:54 02 Aug 2005

Thanks paperman, I`m trying to restore in Windows using Ghost 2003, from the 2003 System works Cd. All the setting up is done in Windows until you click "Run Now" when the computer should reboot as it does, and the restore operation should be completed!!

  SHUNNA 15:49 02 Aug 2005

Change of tack, have now tried several restores in DOS, booting from the image DVD. All seems to work well for the first 40% or so on the restore progress indicator then I get random application errors 27076 or 19235 saying that Ghost has detected corruption in the image file. Twice it has managed to get to the end of the first DVD-R disc, 60% and asked for the second, continued with this disk for a minute or so before another error. Frustrating or what!!
The error messages go on to suggest performing Integrity checks on the image disks which i have done o.k.
As the image discs were made on an external USB 2 writer, it would be nice if I could use the same device to do the restore, instead of the notebooks internal CD/DVD combo, just to rule this out. Is there anyway I can get the bios to boot from this device, as its not listed, probably because it external?

  SHUNNA 16:07 02 Aug 2005

While I was away writing post, restore had got to 60% and was asking for second disk. Resumed with second disk for about 30 seconds before Internal error 3600. Arrgh!!!

  keith-236785 22:31 02 Aug 2005

regarding the booting from external, i cant help as i have never had/tried an external drive.

on my system it was pretty straight forward, boot with the norton cd in and choose restore drive, then follow the wizard through, replacing the discs when asked.

from the sounds of it you may have corrupt restore discs which just aint going to work. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but thats how it looks to me.

the notebook should read the discs via the internal combo drive, but if not, could you ask someone to try testing the discs for you or maybe copy the dvd's onto new media and see if that helps. are the discs clean as finger smudges can cause erratic behaviour. clutching at straws mate.....sorry

probably not much help but at least it will bump you back up into the top of the forum page.

good luck

  SHUNNA 11:46 03 Aug 2005

Thanks again paperman27.I am now well on the way reloading things manually, a pain in the butt, when it should have been so much easier. I got the Liteon external DVD recorder for the very purpose of backing up my notebook and desktop and the first time I need to use the backup discs they dont work.
As you say the discs may be corrupt, maybe I should have used RW discs? There is a possibility that the notebooks DVD/CD drive is faulty as it will not play DVD films properly, they are jerky with associated broken speech.

  keith-236785 15:09 03 Aug 2005

it doesnt sound too good regarding the internal drive, how is it with cd's?

in future, let the norton ghost backup validate the backup (i know it takes longer but might be worth it)

then if the backup still wont work it must be the combi drive (internal).

glad you are sorted anyway even if it is a pain.

consider doing a backup onto cdrw discs instead (yes you will need a few i know (probably about 10), but if the cd drive is reading ok it would be worth the extra disc swapping) cdrw are available for about a fiver for ten at pcworld. i have some Logik cdrw from pcworld and they are ok, been rewritten to plenty of times and still working fine.

good luck

  keith-236785 15:10 03 Aug 2005

forgot to say, when it checks the backup, try to use the internal drive if it will let you.

  Ancient Learner 15:28 03 Aug 2005

Ghost 2003, Don't you have to boot from the floppies prepared from the software. That installs the Ghost software and from there you can choose your image and restore. At least that is what I do!

  SHUNNA 20:48 03 Aug 2005

Hi Ancient Learner I`ll quote directly from the Ghost 2003 User`s Guide. "If you saved your image file directly to CD or DVD, then you do not need a recovery boot disk. Norton Ghost includes ghost.exe if you save the image file to CD or DVD."

Paperman, I did validate the disks when i made them on the external device, also when the first fail codes came up I carried out Integrity checks as Ghost suggested, on the disks using the internal DVD, which took just as long as restoring, and they came up good. I think integrity checks is probably the same as validation.

When I mentioned RW disks, I was thinking of DVD RW so I could get it all on two disks and also it`s a lot quicker

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