Stuck with router security.

  ihuman 23:13 10 Jan 2008

Recently I’ve bought Belkin Wireless G +router so I could connect my computers to the internet. Everything works fine! Until I decide to share some of my folders but I couldn’t because of my neighbour who is using my broadband without permission. I decide to secure my network. The first thing what I did was I typed in my IP address so I could access Belkin Wireless setup utility where I can change my settings because Belking doesn’t have any default password. I set the password so nobody could mess around with my settings or change password before I do. I set the password and then I tried to log in to set password for my network but for some reason Belkin web page didn’t let me to log in. I rang Belkin support centre where I was told to reinstall router and it will restore default settings for me. I installed router on other computer but still I can’t access my settings and I can’t secure my network.

Thank you for wasting your expensive time on my problem!

  Technotiger 23:38 10 Jan 2008

Sorry I can't help you with any detail about how to set up your security, but if you want to re-set your router at any time you simply need to disconnect the router's Power then count slowly to ten then re-connect the Power - this re-sets the Router.

Your neighbour is breaking the Law - using another persons Broadband without permission is Theft, and is therefore illegal. If you can prove what he is doing he could face criminal charges, and possibly even have his computer seized.

I suggest that you close this Thread by Green-ticking it as Resolved (even though it isn't), and then start the Thread again in the Networking Forum (as listed on the left of this page). You are then more likely to get expert answers to your question, and advice to set your Security.

  cream. 23:53 10 Jan 2008

Belkin routers have a reset button on the router. Take out the power connector and press the reset button for 30 seconds. This should take the router back to factory settings.

Connect the router back to the power supply. Enable a computer with WiFi turned on or connect a lan cable to a computer and copy and paste this in IE's address bar

This should open the belkin setup page.

You will have to go through setup to get your internet connection back on.

When the green connected br is visible, go to the security tab and start to set up the WEP or better WPA security. Input a passphrase to generate a hex code or input your own security code for WEP or WPA.

Go to firewall and SSID. Make sure the firewall is enabled. Change the name of the router ( SSID ) to a name of your own, any will do.

Go to the password section at the bottom of the page and change the password to enter the routers configuration page. i.e. the first page you come to.

Disable the SSID broadcast, this will make your router invisible to others.

If you want to be doubly secure, limit the number of computers allowed to access the router to just the ammount you want on the network in DHCP.

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