Stuck for Hard Drive Space?

  flecc 20:40 11 Mar 2003

When I mentioned in the Strewth! thread the subject of running programs from CD, it aroused considerable interest and I know that many are pushed for hard drive space. I've therefore assembled and tweaked as necessary a set of programs that look after all the common functions that we use in our computers and installed them onto a CD-R so that they can be run from there.

With a copy of this you could uninstall many of your programs and use these instead, clearing plenty of space on your hard drive. Instructions are included with the CD-R and also some extracts from my help files on clearing space on your hard drive. If you'd like a copy of the CD-R, just mail me with an address to post it to.

I've always refused payment for these CDs that I issue, but I'll soften my line on that a little this time. I very much enjoy this site as we all do, so if you wish to help me in return for a CD-R, you can do that by taking advantage of the current PCA subscription offer, £21.97 instead of £41.88. In this way you'll indirectly help with the continuation of the site and ensure my continuing pleasure, whilst doing yourself a favour with 12 issues at that price. That's strictly voluntary of course, only for those who can afford it. Don't let that stop you asking for a CD.

Here's a list of the programs included, some open a little slowly from CD but all work at their normal speed once opened.

ABBYYWORD. This is a very capable word processor which can open and save as .doc all Microsoft Word files. All functions operate normally including printing. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

ACROBAT READER. Open PDF files with this reader and print from them using either local or network printers. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

CLEAN SYSTEM. This utility checks your hard drive for DLLs that aren't doing anything useful and moves then to a backup folder. - - - for Windows 95 and 98 only.

DRIVE IMAGE 4. This is the rescue program that creates the floppy disc version of Drive Image on two disks, therefore saving you the space it would take up on the hard drive. The floppy disks must be made in a Windows 95/98/ME computer, but they can subsequently image any system including XP and Linux.

EZ PIX. A capable picture manager that's very similar to the facilities in Windows XP. Images in a selected folder are displayed as thumbnails with the selected thumbnail enlarged, and you can view fullscreen with or without slideshow, plus several other functions. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

FORMOSOFT. The Gamut suite of music recorders and players. There's an MP3 recorder with the choice of variable bit rate or a range of fixed recording rates, a Speech recorder, an MP3 player, a MIDI Player, a CD Player, and a Mixer. The players have sound effects as well as normal play. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

IRFANVIEW. A simple but capable graphics editor, ideal for quick small adjustments such as sizing. For Windows 95 to XP.

  flecc 20:41 11 Mar 2003

ISOBUSTER. This very useful utility can rescue a CD-R or CD-RW from disaster. It checks the disc surface for it's contents and anything detected can then be saved by right clicking it and choosing the Extract command which produces a browse box for the file/folder destination. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

MICROGRAFX PICTURE PUBLISHER 7. A powerful image editing program with a wide range of facilities. Once properly learnt, there's little that this program cannot do with an image. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

OFFICE SUITE. This includes a second word processor together with Spreadsheet and Database facilities. - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

PARTITION MAGIC 5. As with the Drive Image, this is the floppy version of the program which can be used for partitioning any system including XP and Linux.

WINMORPH. A great and entertaining way of metamorphosing one photo into another. See the mother in law smoothly change into a dragon, just as she does in real life perhaps! - - - for Windows 95 to XP.

WINZIP 8. Our old favourite shareware utility, how would we live without it. - - for Windows 95 to XP.

XP- ANTISPY. A very useful and tiny utility that doesn't install. When actioned it shows you all the ways in which XP accesses the internet in the background, giving you the opportunity to stop it doing that. - - - for Windows XP only, of course.

You can see that all the main Office, Graphics and Audio functions are covered by that range, plus some maintaining and recovery utilities.

However, there's a bonus pack! If you have a CD Writer, you can install two additional programs into a CD-RW. These programs are jv16 Powertools and the Vopt Defragmenter. Both are very capable system maintaining utilities and will operate for Windows 95 to XP, but they will only run from a CD-RW on the computer where the installation was carried out, hence this method of issuing them.

There's also the installation exe for the Spider utility which you can use to clear the Index.dat cache in Windows 98. This can amount to hundreds of megabytes, wasting a huge tract of your hard drive.

And finally, there's the installation exe for Boot Magic. This can boot any Windows system in a primary partition to create a dual boot system, and can cope with systems which are beyond the first 8.2 gb of a hard drive. - - - for Windows 98 to ME.

These complete the set, making a full range of programs covering all common uses. I hope you find them useful and that they extend the useful life of your hard pressed hard drive.

  beeuuem 20:59 11 Mar 2003

This is very generous of you,flecc. I won't take you up on your offer as I have plenty of HDD space and already subscribe to PCA.But I'm sure your offer wil be gratefully accepted by many here.

  slightlymad 21:17 11 Mar 2003

flecc, will you marry me?

  Beas-Knees 21:39 11 Mar 2003

What a gentleman.

  Rtus 23:29 11 Mar 2003

Dont be dissapointed ..Hes married the Starship........

  VoG™ 23:33 11 Mar 2003

Well if he won't, I can't.

Flecc - you've done us proud yet again. I won't be taking up your offer as I have a huge one.

  Rtus 23:34 11 Mar 2003

And there was me thinking you were devising the super compression for storage..Turn your 3g into a tetrabyte...LOL ( hey did I spell that right) for a change? Good Idea On subs Does us all a favour...

  bigdamouk 05:25 12 Mar 2003

Flecc you continue to amaze and impress me!

  Qmar 20:00 12 Mar 2003


  Diemmess 20:26 12 Mar 2003

A real benefactor! Thank you.

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