Stuck for choice

  golfpro 10:55 11 May 2006

I am about to buy a new PC. I have narrow the field down to two, both are pretty much the same with 2048mb DDR-2-Ram, and 350-400 GB hard disc, except one has the Intel Pentium D930 Dual Core processor with 3.0 GHz. And the other has the I/P 4HT with 3.6 GHz.
I don't know much about the Hyper threading Technology, so I'm looking for a bit of advice on which one to go for.

  johnnyrocker 10:56 11 May 2006

what make are they?


  gudgulf 11:43 11 May 2006

The 930 series get good reviews but I suspect that for most intensive programs such as games and video encoding the shear speed of the P4 3.6GHz will make it the better bet.

If you want to go dual core thaen look for a cpu upgrade to a D940 (3.2GHz) or better stiil a D950 (3.4GHz)

If you were buying the processors you mention seperately the D930 is around £155 click here

The P4 660 3.6GHz is more expensive at £270 click here

A D950 is available at £230 click here

You dont mention prices but I would go for the 3.6GHZ cpu model UNLESS you can get a D950 cpu equipped pc for the same or less......then I would go for the dual core.

In any event I would class the D930 models as underpowered for anything other than general use.

  Anthill Mob 12:46 11 May 2006

As I am also considering looking for a new system at the moment can you please post details of what you are looking at (Make, model etc), costs and reasons for buying (home, business, gaming etc). With links to site(s) if possible.

Many thanks

  golfpro 14:04 11 May 2006

I am in Austria so I am buying there from one of the usual superstores.
One is a Microstar Xline 930500, the other is the HP Pavillion W5385 A7 and another is the Pro Works 660400 this is the one with the Intel Pentium 4HT.
They are all about 1400 Euros. which is my maximum.
BTW I don't play games, I use it for Photos, Music, and general word processing.

  Totally-braindead 14:16 11 May 2006

If you don't do games and are not into any processor intensive applications then either of them will do. gudgulfs assessment of the processors is far more than I know about them cos I use AMD processors.
What about the monitors? They are often neglected but in many ways are the most important as these are the things you will spend hours staring at. Either of the PCs got a better monitor?

  golfpro 14:54 11 May 2006

I am buying the PC only, it doesn't come with any extras except the OS (XP Home pre installed) and a couple of soft wear programs (which I don't need),
I bought a very good monitor last year an LG L2010B, which I am very happy with.
But this PC has got to do me for the next four years min. thats the reason for the post.

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