Stuck between 2laptops-advice if you can please?

  buel 21:03 08 Dec 2009

I've narrowed my search for a new laptop down to 2 laptops,
Choice 1:
click here(xcm=xcm_b2c_uk&cpgsize=8&layout=7.0-7_1_66_61_69_6_9_3&uiarea=3&carea=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F&cpgnum=1&citem=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F4AF1927544EE6161E1000000AA38DA24)/.do?rf=y

Choice 2:
click here(xcm=xcm_b2c_uk&cpgsize=8&layout=7.0-7_1_66_61_69_6_9&uiarea=3&carea=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F&cpgnum=1&citem=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F4AFBFEAFC1D30A52E1000000AA38DA21)/.do?rf=y

Really, i will use my laptop for burning DVDs, doing a little bit of editing video files and/or having 8 or 9 web pages up at once(never gaming) so my main question, i guess, is how much of a difference is there between the Intel® Pentium Processor T4200 in the £469.99 and the Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor T6500 in the £679.99 laptop?
Also, the cheaper one has 3gb of Ram whereas the £679.99 has 3gb but, as i have has explained to me on this brilliant site, W7 32bit wont 'see' over 3-3.5gb of Ram anyway!
Please give me your thoughts...

  MAT ALAN 21:08 08 Dec 2009

buel me old conker ya links don't work, well not for me anyway. XP home SP3 firefox...

  buel 21:25 08 Dec 2009

Damn it!! (as jack baur would say!) Thanks mate,
Try thess please:

click here(xcm=xcm_b2c_uk&cpgsize=8&layout=7.0-7_1_66_61_69_6_9&uiarea=3&carea=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F&cpgnum=1&citem=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F4AF1927544EE6161E1000000AA38DA24)/.do?rf=y

click here(xcm=xcm_b2c_uk&cpgsize=8&layout=7.0-7_1_66_61_69_6_9&uiarea=3&carea=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F&cpgnum=1&citem=482BE0C4FB8633C0E10000000A00007F4AFBFEAFC1D30A52E1000000AA38DA21)/.do?rf=y

  buel 21:27 08 Dec 2009

Hmmm, ok, i will just say what laptops they are:


Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, Intel® Pentium Processor T4200, 16" HD widescreen display, 3 GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Webcam


Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T6500, 320GB HDD, 4GB DDR2-SDRAM, NVIDA® GeForce® 9600M GS, Webcam

  MAT ALAN 21:28 08 Dec 2009

click here
still not working, the prog in the link will help...

  buel 21:29 08 Dec 2009

Or even:

click here


click here

Ps- a lot dearer in Argos than direct from medion!!

  buel 21:32 08 Dec 2009

Grr...and Vista in Argos!! :0(

  MAT ALAN 21:36 08 Dec 2009

Bit more puzzled now cos the specs shown in the PCA link differ from yours that are posted..

  buel 23:06 08 Dec 2009

Hmmm...yeah that's true! i got my specs straight from the medion website but am unable to insert a link for the particular page!!
The ones on the medion page all have w7!

  buel 23:08 08 Dec 2009

Ps-on the medion site there are 2 versions of the P8610, one with a 500gb hard drive and a blue ray player for £730 and a 320gb version with the standard dvd r/w for £679.

  buel 22:43 09 Dec 2009

Pps-on the medion site there are 2 versions of the P8610, one with a 500gb hard drive and a blue ray player for £730 and a 320gb version with the standard dvd r/w for £679.

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