induna 21:58 20 Jun 2003

I am stuck, sorry guys but normally I plonder my way through. I split my hard drive last year just in case of a rainy day and now it has arrived,
I cleaned my registry of dross which is not a prob, but now I can't get back on to my original partition. the partitions are seperate and access them by partition magic on boot up, the one I am using now is ok but the one I need to get to is unaccessible because all I can find is the wallpaper even in safe mode. I don't know much about dos, so that is why I am stuck,
There must be a simple solution which I am unaware of.

  Forum Editor 22:56 20 Jun 2003

that you have a dual-boot setup, with a separate operating system installed on each partition?

When you say that "I cleaned my registry of dross which is not a prob" what exactly do you mean? It obviously is a problem, because now you can't boot into either partition, and presumably you didn't back the registry up before deleting keys?

  woodchip 23:03 20 Jun 2003

You do not say what OS but it look's like Win98, so put your startup floppy in the drive and Win98 restart your computer choose start with CD-ROM support and reload windows over it's self your CD drive letter will have moved by one letter so if it was D:\ it will be E:\ if it was E:\ it will now be F:\ and so on type setup at the CD drive letter just press enter

  induna 22:59 21 Jun 2003

yes I do back up my registry and I have a dual partition with a different operating system on each, which both are windows 98.but I cannot access one partition because all I get is the wallpaper even in safe made. so I cannot go anywhere else on that partition,but I will try woodchip's suggestion and see what happens.thanks indune

  jazzypop 23:06 21 Jun 2003

Slow down a minute. If you have backed up your registry, why not just restore/reload it? This will put things back to where they were before you 'cleaned your registry of dross'.

  induna 23:37 21 Jun 2003

hi jazzypop,maybe I'm not making myself clear, but when I go into my other partition,all I get is wallpaper,I cannot access anywhere else.there are no icons, start button or anything,the mouse does not right or left click,the only thing that I can do is ctrl. alt. delete to leave that partition,and I do not really want to reformat because of losing some files.
thanks indune

  jazzypop 23:43 21 Jun 2003

What happens when you go to your 'empty' partition and hold down Ctrl while you tap Esc? A Start menu should appear.

  wee eddie 23:45 21 Jun 2003

When you do your ctrl. alt. delete on the drive with the wallpaper.

Does it show anything running other than the Wallpaper

  induna 00:04 22 Jun 2003

sorry ,nothing happems when I hold down crtl.and tap escape,and in answer to wee eddie the only things that are running are ptudfapp and hidserv.
hope this gives someone a clue.
thanks indune

  Terrahawk 00:13 22 Jun 2003

on your key board try hittting the key botttom left 2nd in you should have 3 keys before the space bar the key between ctrl and alt should be a hot key for the start menu

  woodchip 00:15 22 Jun 2003

If you had done what I said you would be up and running by now

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