Stuck in 16 color mode....WINDOWS 98

  D.on the Farm 18:10 06 Oct 2004

somehow while trying to fix another problem i have screwed somethingup. I am stck in 16 color at 640 by 480 pixles and I cannot adjust it to 256 color and 800 by 600....those choices aren't even there. I have re-booted 100 time and nothing I have tried works. Updates I downloaded did not help.. I am desperate...please help!

  Valvegrid 18:24 06 Oct 2004

If you have your video driver, try reinstalling it. Otherwise you could try restoring the registry, go to the command prompt and type scanreg/ restore and pick a date when the computer was working. Unless you've been playing with the registry.

  dave h 18:29 06 Oct 2004

Just having a similar problem with Windows 98.... re-formatted the hard drive for a friend, re-installed Win 98, and only 16 colours - Video driver is "best available" as selected by Windows.

Didn't have correct driver CD with me so I'm going back with the correct driver (downloaded from '') and trying again this weekend... Watch this space

  Valvegrid 18:34 06 Oct 2004

'Best available' is a typical reaction when Windows can't find the correct driver, as you've found out.

  D.on the Farm 18:37 06 Oct 2004

i tried going to start, run and then typed Scanreg/ restore got an error that said "cannot find Scanreg/"

am i doing something wrong??

  D.on the Farm 18:39 06 Oct 2004

where would my video drive be located?? on the WIndows98 disk?

  Dorsai 18:39 06 Oct 2004

D.on the Farm

It sounds like windows can't find the correct drivers, as already suggested. Most Vid cards have an 'if all else fails' setting so to speak. If windows don't know what to do, it goes into 'if all else fails' mode. This seems to work with all cards.

But as you have found, in 640x480, in 16 colours. But it works. Then you can use the PC, and fix the problem.

If you post the make/model of you card, someone will be able to point you in the direction of the right drivers.

If you dont know, Belarc advisor click here will tell you the card details.

  D.on the Farm 18:46 06 Oct 2004

I downloaded belarc and ran it....can't find my video card details anywhere

  woodchip 18:55 06 Oct 2004

Right If it worked before, and you have not formatted the drive. First try this, go to Explorer\Windows look for the Win.ini file also have a look to see if you can see a Win.bak or Win.old or such. come back if you can. Also while in the Windows Folder check same for System.ini. Take note of the date’s of the new and the old file creation

  Dorsai 19:11 06 Oct 2004

The adaptor type should be under display heading, and look somthing like this>

3D Prophet 4000XT TV Out [Display adapter]

What did it say, just, display, followed by your monitor details?

  Valvegrid 19:21 06 Oct 2004

Sorry, I didn't mean to abandon you, the dinner gong went. It looks like you're getting help, so I'll just watch. Good luck.


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