struggling - wireless router

  paul 14:11 19 Nov 2005

I have wanadoo broadband and windows XP on my desl top - Have just been sold a BT Voyager 1500 which salesman tells me I need in order to connect to a newly bought laptop

Reading the baffling instructions - I am struggling and am not convinced i have the right router - also my browser wont take me to the adress in the documentation i.e.

  Kegger 17:16 19 Nov 2005

what are you not understanding Paul? there should be a CD rom what came with the Voyager with a quick set up guide on it. it is the right router for connecting PC's either wirelessly or via the 4 port hub it has Ethernet. Post here if you want a walk threw of the set up. Kegger

  mgmcc 17:30 19 Nov 2005

<<< also my browser wont take me to the adress in the documentation i.e. >>>

If you have any firewall software running, you may need to add the router's IP address to its "trusted" area. Also, presumably you have connected by ethernet cable in order to perform the initial configuration? That beeing the case, check that the Local Area Connection has got an IP address in the same subnet by DHCP from the router, i.e.

If it doesn't have an IP address in that range, try giving it a fixed address such as with the subnet mask while you set up the router. You can then revert to getting the address automatically when everything is working.

  paul 22:07 19 Nov 2005

Thanks for the help - but am still struggling - I have worked through the disc and tweaked firewall settings as suggested their....however still can't access the address given and therefore the options screen. I guess I am being thick but have no idea how to check various ip addresses as suggested

  mgmcc 00:00 20 Nov 2005

<<< no idea how to check various ip addresses as suggested >>>

If you have connected to the router by ethernet cable, open the Network Connections folder in the PC, highlight the "Local Area Connection" and at the very bottom of the blue pane on the left, you will see details which include the adapters IP address.

If it doesn't have an address in the range, to give the Local Area Connection a fixed IP address, right click it and select Properties. Highlight the entry for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. in the box that opens, click the radio button for "Use the following IP address" and enter"

IP address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway (the router's IP address)

Preferred DNS Server (the router's IP address)

  paul 09:47 20 Nov 2005

Thanks that bit seemed to work I am trying to configure the laptop.....that i want to connect wirelessly

i have an excellent signal from the voyager andper the instructions now need to browse to

what is ther next stage please - I have looked in netwrok connections and have wireless connection showing and local area connection.....what do i do next please??

  mgmcc 12:10 20 Nov 2005

Have you actually accessed the Router's setup pages in a web browser and managed to get the desktop PC online via the Router, having disconnected your original USB modem?

If so, you need to configure the "wireless" settings in the Router. Until it is working, leave encryption disabled, enter a suitable SSID (which is the network name by which you identify it when connecting with the laprop's adapter). The Channel number is probably "11" by default and can be left on that unless you have problems with the wireless connections. If there is an option to enable/disable SSID broadcasting, enable it so that the laptop can find the router. If there is an option to connect to 802.11b only, 802.11g only or both "b" & "g", make sure it is correctly set for the adapter in the laptop or use the "b & g" setting.

When you now run the wireless software in the laptop, the "Site Monitor" should find and list any "Available Networks", including yours with the SSID you entered, highlight your network and click "connect". It should then connect to your network and the little icon will get a "halo" to indicate that you are connected to that network.

  paul 14:06 20 Nov 2005

think I am proving very thick with this - sorry. I had red somewhere that my desktop could stay accessing internet in its normal manner ( via USB modem) ......I have though followed instructions above and now have the local connection configured in control panel.

Also my lap top is showing that it is connected to the voyager 1500 - just every time i try to access th internet it only offers me the dial up connection box.

If I disconnect the usb modem on my desktop how do I physically access the internet Ii.e. how do i connect?

  mgmcc 14:23 20 Nov 2005

A combined "Router/ADSL Modem" replaces the USB modem and it is the Router which then has to connect to the ISP, not any of the networked computers. Once the router is online, the computers have internet access over the LAN from the router, either by an ethernet connection or by a wireless connection which emulates ethernet. You don't try to connect to the ISP from a PC and, in "Control panel > Internet Options", you should select Never Dial a Connection".

I cannot help with the detailed settings for an ADSL connection, because my broadband connection is Cable with Telewest, but there are tutorials on Wanadoo's website from which you should be able to get the necessary details.

  paul 14:55 20 Nov 2005

Thanks very much for the advice - unfortunately I have to leave now as I work away - will do a lot of reading this week to try to rectify this. I have a feeling I am close to resolving problem but am missing something blindingly obvious.


  elliotv 17:11 20 Nov 2005

I have just bought a belkin pre n wireless router and I have just signed up to tiscali broadband.
1. Do I have to use the Thomson speedtouch ADSL modem from the PC to the router or can I use just the router on its own?
2. I think I have to use both, but on set up with the CD it asks to plug the modem cable into the router. The Thomson speed touch modem has a USB into the PC and then the modem cable fits into the router.The problem is that there is no cable then to the phone line and the net.
3. Do I need to use the Tiscali ASDL filter supplied (think I do as it plugs the phone and modem to the net).
4. Please help as I feel really thick! elliot

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