Struggling with admin account name

  De Marcus™ 21:23 08 Nov 2005

At the top of my start menu where your user name usually appears I have the word 'Administrator' click here this is fine in itself, I'm the only user of the pc with admin rights, no fast user switching or log in/out boxes. What I'd like to achieve is to replace the word 'Administrator' with my PCA user name De Marcus™, I use this name for almost all my web dealings etc but try as I might I just don't seem to be able to find a way?

  De Marcus™ 21:25 08 Nov 2005

Sorry, XP Pro sp2, fully updated.

  Skyver 21:27 08 Nov 2005

Change Name in Control Panel/User Accounts?

  De Marcus™ 21:30 08 Nov 2005

I've tried, theres no option to allow me to do this, all I get is: Create a password, Change my Picture or change my .NET passport

  Skyver 21:33 08 Nov 2005

Your using the actual admin account, when you set up XP and choose your user names, the first one becomes the log-in account, and the Administrator account is hidden - set up a new account in your name and copy all your settings across with TweakUI...a bit of a pain, but you can't actually rename the Administrator account.

  De Marcus™ 21:35 08 Nov 2005

Ah, that would be why. I've been looking for reg fixes all over the place lol. Looks like I've got a bit of work to do!

Thanks Skyver.

  De Marcus™ 21:36 08 Nov 2005

I'll leave this open for now incase I have any questions on the procedure.

  De Marcus™ 00:03 09 Nov 2005

It turns out you can pretty easily rename the default admin account click here using gpedit.msc. I did muck up first time round by using the ™ part of my name and was unable to log in as I don't know the keyboard shortcut for it. Acronis saved my bacon (again) and I changed it to plain ole' De Marcus.

Thanks for the help guys.

  Gandalph 00:25 09 Nov 2005

™ is ASCII 153, or &# 153 (No gap) in HTML.

  Skyver 06:19 09 Nov 2005

I'll bear that renaming trick in mind in future De Marcus™, not easy to find in GPEdit is it....btw Ctrl + V for your trademark, I just discovered.

  Skyver 06:22 09 Nov 2005

Sorry, ignore that Ctrl V...otherwise known as Paste...doh..

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