stripping photo images from folders in My Pictures

  useless at IT 13:46 04 Jul 2012

I have thousands of images, non catalogued because I find it easier to simply sort through them visually. However, if they are in one of my hundreds of folders, I have to open each folder in turn to look at those images, then close it, quite a nuisance.

Is there an easy way of removing the folder enclosures so I can easily see all my images, other than cutting and painting each one?

I am happy to dispense with the folders altogether.

  Nontek 14:17 04 Jul 2012

Open your Pictures main folder then open one of the inner folders. Next open your main pic folder again, reducing size of each folder so they will fit alongside each other on your screen.

Next in inner folder go to Edit then Select All, then right-click on any one of the highlighted pics and drag the whole lot over to your open Main Pics folder, job done! Or it should be.

  Nontek 14:17 04 Jul 2012

PS - then do the same with each of your other Inner folders.

  Nontek 14:23 04 Jul 2012

PPS - forgot to mention, you can then delete the empty folders.

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