Striker Extreme & Windows 7

  Actor One 22:52 14 Jan 2011

I`m having a few niggles with my machine, first I get a CMOS Checksum error so it is loading the BIOS defaults, which means I have to set the clock in the BIOS setup before it boots.

I think this is just a CMOS battery issue, but on looking on the ASUS website for any BIOS updates (The Asus BIOS updater doesn`t/never has worked)when I enter my Model - Striker Extreme, it then asks me for my operating system in a drop down list, on which Windows 7 is missing...

If i need to update my BIOS, after changing the CMOS battery, how can I get an updated BIOS when the OS is missing from the list?

I have seen on other forums that Striker Extreme & Windows 7 don`t get on... and another thing my CMOS battery is only 4 years old, is that normal, I though they lasted for ever....(:-)

  rdave13 23:07 14 Jan 2011

If you disconnect from the 'mains' at night then the cmos battery takes over. Four years and the battery would be dead or dying.
Replacemeent is straight foreward so just Google for info if a desktop. If a laptop then you have problems.

  Actor One 23:21 14 Jan 2011


Thanks - that`s what I`ve been doing, each time, switching it off at the mains, I have a replacement battery, so it should be straightforward, if it isn`t then I`ll start another thread..

  rdave13 23:29 14 Jan 2011

Google for
replace bios battery

Your bios is already set to default after the battery failure. Personally I wouldn't 'flash' (update) the bios unless you know what you are doing. If the machine works OK with the default bios then my suggestion is leave well alone.

  Actor One 21:29 15 Jan 2011

Yes it was the battery, amazing how a £1.5k machine can be brought to a grinding halt (alomost) by a £3.50 battery....

  Actor One 14:32 05 Jun 2011

This is an addition to this post as I can`t seem to be able to post a new thread as it keeps telling me there are Errors in My Form, please check & try again,

What errors, where are they, what do I check and how do I fix.. sorry to hijack an old thread but this is doing my head in

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