striker extreme motherboard

  ghotifish 11:27 07 Apr 2011

How can i upgrade my bios whe asus drivers do not appear to recognise win 7 64bit?

  GaT7 12:54 07 Apr 2011

Using the Windows application to update your BIOS is not recommended at all as there's more of a chance that the process could go wrong. Always do it via DOS or the motherboard's built-in BIOS application - these are independent of OS type.

The option to update your board's BIOS will be in the BIOS > Tools Menu > Asus EZ Flash 2 option. If you need to know the full BIOS-update procedure, just ask.

But before doing it can I ask if there's a specific reason for wanting to update the BIOS in the first place? G

  ghotifish 07:44 08 Apr 2011

Thanks G.
I have just fitted a HD 5770 graphics card and win 7 keeps crashing (It happens irregulary, occasionally on waking up from sleep mode and sometimes for no apparent reason or specific action or program. Sometimes I get a BSOD with a memory management? issue). I have installed a new hard drive and reinstalled win 7 but the problem keeps occurring. I am in the process of trying another HD5770 card. The bios is the original version (I think I may be clutching at straws). Another issue is the boot time - it seems to have incresed since installing the HD 5770.

  GaT7 12:02 08 Apr 2011

First thing to do is to test your RAM - you can use Memtest for this click here. Let it run for at least three 100% passes. You will not be able to use the PC during this time for at least 1-3 hours, so perhaps best run overnight or when busy doing something else.

If Memtest reveals errors & you've overclocked the CPU & RAM, change all the settings to their default values & see if that helps by running ONE 100% pass of Memtest. If there are RAM errors yet again, you will need to experiment with one module at a time to determine which one has gone bad. Then only use the good memory modules for the time being.

If Memtest doesn't reveal any errors but you're still having the same problems, corrupt GPU drivers may be the cause of the problems. So try uninstalling, then reinstalling the latest & freshly downloaded graphics drivers - v11.3 are the latest click here.

If all the above, including trying another HD5770 doesn't help, try at least 2-3 previous GPU driver versions one at a time - these are downloadable from click here (v11.2), click here (v11.1) & click here (v10.12).

If still no joy, it may be time for that BIOS update. The offer's still there if you need to know the procedure. G

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