STREWTH! Not another operating system!

  flecc 20:06 12 Feb 2003

Yes, it's that man again, and yes, it's yet another operating system, but this time I'm really going to blow your mind!

Don't believe me? Try these few facts, and I think you'll agree that the name I've given it, Strewth!, is no exaggeration.

Total size of the operating system and it's programs, 74.6 mb, and that decimal point IS in the right place.

Number of files total, programs and system, 1339. The equivalent 98SE uses 9318.

Time to back up the entire system to another partition on the hard drive, 5 seconds.

Time to restore the entire system from that backup to it's own partition, 4 seconds.

Time to defragment the system's hard drive in normal mode, 4 seconds.

Time to do the same defragmentation of the hard drive with the system running in RAM, impossible to judge, but well under 1.5 seconds.

Time to open an image in a photo editor in the graphics version, Zero seconds.

Time to open a monstrous 20 mb TIFF image in that editor, Zero seconds.

Time to open any window, Zero seconds.

Welcome to the twenty-second century and Zero Time Computing!

What's more, some well established truths are blown away. First, a 56K modem can only deliver a maximum of 56K, and I'm as guilty as anyone in propagating that "truth". In fact I've seen 94K regularly and have measured a consistent 75K from a perfectly normal Intel V.90 56K PCI modem. And the second truth? That MS-DOS Compatibility mode is the pits of computing, to slow to even contemplate it's use when it occurs. Well, this system can ONLY run in MS-DOS compatibility mode, so much for that "truth".

And remember, to balance all that criticism of the company, this is a 100% Microsoft system, born out of the 98SE core, illustrating once again just what superb operating systems they are at heart. Eat your heart out Linux companies, you can NEVER achieve this.

You think all this is impossible, I must be lying? The offer stands, if you live anywhere near the Croydon/Surrey border, mail me and try for yourself, including loading your own program if you like, and have your mind well and truly boggled.

The system was born out of SPEEDOS and is a phenominal performer in it's own right, but adding the HyperOS system has given it a further boost. Naturally you'll want to know how much of this is due to HyperOS and how much is due to Strewth!

Hyperdrive systems give the time to perform a backup of a small 500 mb system as about one minute, itself an amazing performance. As you see above, Strewth! reduces that to just 5 seconds and is of course responsible for all of that immense performance gain.

I'm running this as an internet system with a stripped and extensively modified Opera browser and am on it at this moment, but I'm also developing other versions for graphics etc, the boot time between systems being irrelevant in HyperOS.

It's not only the performance which is revolutionary, the way I've modified it's use is equally so. The system is constantly renewed within RAM and has no anti-virus or firewall program, indeed no protection of any kind. But it cannot be infected since the system that I'll be on in a few moments will not be the one I'm on now, and this is not the one I was on as I started typing this. Viruses and trojans picked up are consigned to the oblivion of space and time a short while after receipt and this is truly worry free computing.

This applies to stability as well, since although in theory it could conceivably crash, in practice such an event is technically almost impossible due to the system cycling. In any case, even if the impossible happened, the complete restore is just 4 seconds away, in current circumstances just a momentary pause between sentences! Amazingly, it's actually 2 seconds quicker to restore the entire system than to start it normally!

Well, I did warn that this was twenty-second century computing, indeed its computing in the seventy-first century, and when the human race embarks on a fleet of starships to escape the imploding universe in fifteen billion years time, they will still be computing like this, since there can be no improvement on Zero Time Computing.

Just think, this raises the horrifying prospect of a cryogenically revived flecc using a Windows 98SE system to co-ordinate the launch of those thousands of starships! Shudder!

For licencing and copyright reasons, no creation details can be given, but I can give some tips to enable the computer literate to emulate, see part two.

  flecc 20:07 12 Feb 2003

Starting where SPEEDOS left off, for which you'll need the 98Lite Pro software, 25$ from click here, this is a 16 bit system, and that left open to me the prospect of reverting to the pre-registry Microsoft days with the advantages that can hold, many not wholly agreeing with the change to having a registry. Pre-registry computers weren't liberally endowed with drivers but did use more inf files, and in line with that the System 32 folder and all it's driver content has no value. The only exception in my computers are USB2 drivers which are stored elsewhere anyway.

Knowing that you will have a 16 bit system guides you as to your actions with files bearing the 32 in their title, but your action will be different with 3216 files of course. Equally, very large numbers of DLLs will serve no useful purpose, and the version tab reached by right clicking and selecting Properties will help in determining that.

The excellent Cleansys 7 program can identify and shift to another folder a large number of the redundant DLLs, but there's no avoiding doing the job manually afterwards to achieve the best results, while an examination of the INF files in Notepad will reveal those with no relevance to your hardware. Also in the INF folder, you may notice a shadow version of every single INF file, and NONE of those are necessary to the functioning of your system.

Add to that, of necessity very brief guidance, the superb HyperOS program, bringing your total expenditure to about 191 pounds with the 98Lite, and you too can time travel to the future of computing.

Following the experience with SPEEDOS, I really cannot give support or further advice on Strewth!, the workload being too great, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one in here with the imagination and daring to do the impossible. You all have within you the ability to achieve the miraculous, you need only dare to try, ignoring all the fainthearts for complete success to be yours.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:37 12 Feb 2003

/me...jaw hits floor, eyes spring out.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:42 12 Feb 2003

'Time to back up the entire system to another partition on the hard drive, 5 seconds'...Hah! The Achilles heels! You need to work on this long delay ;-))))


ps....when will PCW have it on their shelves and ditch the ultra-naff Linux that currently litters their selling space?

  flecc 20:47 12 Feb 2003

You're right Gandalf!

However, that inordinate slowness in the backing up brings the mouth watering prospect of yet another operating system!!

Watch this space (hyperspace)! The work continues.

  flecc 20:56 12 Feb 2003

I wish Microsoft would match my imagination and see that putting it on the shelves in all it's function variations would bring a huge multiplication in sales of their OS's.

Users would hapily pick up further variants in passing when in PC World if these were there in suitably low prices, say thirty-nine pounds a time, collecting them to give systems each perfectly tailored to give superb speed and stability for a particular purpose.

Adding HyperOS to give instant system switching would also boost the computer market overall.

I sometimes wonder if that huge organisation has even got a marketing department, and if they have, what on earth they are doing.

  Irishman 21:02 12 Feb 2003

And here I am trying to get an ATI video card to work on a new ASUS mother board!! Pathetic!

Next thing you will be telling us you have written your own OS. Look forward to it. Keep up the good work and keep us all informed.

The link does not work for me.

  Rtus 21:10 12 Feb 2003

I suppose that more Nightcap reading for me ..Heh ..Afraid my minds not on it tonight though ..Im trying to find Nightnurse ..Or a big rubber hammer. for a decent nights sleep..Ill join in when I can call things normal again. Im printing it out for later study ..Thanks for sharing it..

  Rtus 21:12 12 Feb 2003

link infers no server found though Flecc...

  Newuser38 21:19 12 Feb 2003

I was only thinking today when I noted you have not green ticked the Hyperwhatsit that you must be in the sun or head down again. And you are or were I will now dig out all my notes and see where I go because Flecc has gone before!

Your link to lite doesnt work because you missed off the e.

Sadly I evacuated from Surrey some years back otherwise I would be there. Do charge an entrance fee.

  flecc 21:22 12 Feb 2003

The link is correct, but the site is down.

It's a small company, but Shane Brooks will hopefully get onto it quickly, it's Australian time there!


You have my sympathies! I have two ATI cards and I'd rather create one of my operating systems than re-attempt installing one of them. They're pigs, and when combined with that other bane of computing, Creative audio drivers, life is indeed hell.

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