Streaming radio recorder

  Andanotherthing 20:19 03 Oct 2006

Can anyone recommend a free and good recorder that will record streamed radio?

  rdave13 20:32 03 Oct 2006

Try Audacity, click here

  Monoux 21:00 03 Oct 2006

Or try Jet Audio click here

  Ptolemy 21:34 03 Oct 2006

click here

Stteambox - you download the stream then you can do what you like with it - listen on your pc, covert to mp3 and play on your iPod or burn it and play it inm the car - unlike the recorders suggested above your not restricted to listening in real time.

  Andanotherthing 13:35 05 Oct 2006

Thanks to RDave13, Ptolemy amd Monoux.

How do I actually record live streamed radio with these? How do I save the stream. I may be being thick but it does not seem obvious.. Thanks

  Ptolemy 17:57 05 Oct 2006

Audacity and JetAudio are sound recording applications. You install them and basically hit record when you're listening to the streamed program or music or whatever.

Streambox has a download manager into which you enter the realmedia stream address - the stream is then downloaded (depending on your bandwidth usually in much less time than it takes to record "live"". You'll then have a .rm (real media format) file that you can either listen to using real player or convert to mp3 for whatever purposes you choose.

Setting up streambox can be a bit of pain, so if you choose that option post on here and I'll talk you through it. As I say a bit of pain to begin with, but once you've done it it's much, much simpler.

  Andanotherthing 14:19 09 Oct 2006

Hi Ptolemy

Thanks for the offer of the talkthrough - you can email any info you have to [email protected] if that is easier than posting on here. All I want to do is record a streaming radio staion which opens up in Windows Media Player.

Many thanks

  Ptolemy 19:28 09 Oct 2006

Can you give me the link to the stream's site?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:30 09 Oct 2006

Audacity: Can Audacity record RealAudio or other streaming audio?
"With most Windows and Linux audio devices, it is possible to record whatever sound the computer is currently playing, including internet radio streams.

In the drop-down menu on Audacity's mixer toolbar, choose “Wave Out” or “Stereo Mix” as the input source. (The exact name may be different, depending on your computer's sound drivers.) When you press the Record button, Audacity will capture whatever sound is playing on your computer's speakers.

If this doesn't work on your computer, you can instead use a cable to connect your computer's “Line Out” (speaker) port to its “Line In” port, and use Audacity to record from Line In."
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 20:44 11 Oct 2006

Please post here not in emails; that will allow others to join in the discussion.

Thanks, Dio

I did discover an application that worked perfectly - click here But it's only a fifteen day trial - and I couldn't find a crack.Audacity can record what comes out of your computer.Install Audacity.Start listening to the streamed broadcast, open Audacity and hit record. You'll see a trace start showing what you're recording - change the source to stereo mix or until you can see that you're getting sound.To save as a mp3 you have to download the encoder from the same website as Audacity and:open Audacity and click Edit - Preference - File Format then "Find Library" and browse to the encoder then "Export as mp3".The only real handicap with with method is that you record what comes out of your speakers - mail notifications and usb device detection etc. It's quite annoying listen to something later in your car and getting "boing-bong" suddenly cutting in.

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