Streamerone and router ports...

  Florio 09:42 18 Apr 2009

I've just downloaded and installed a program called Streamerone (does anyone know it?) to watch telly on my pc. Apparently I need to configure my router (forward ports) in order to get it working properly; it IS in fact functioning but probably should be operating a bit more smoothly.
Since I know absolutely nothing about ports and how to configure them without creating a disaster, I'd be grateful if someone could talk me through it.

P.S. I've checked out the Streamerone website, but the instructions are useful only if you're already familiar with port configuration and so know what you're doing!!

  Technotiger 09:56 18 Apr 2009

Streamerone is an Italian P2P program. I don't think P2P is supported in this Forum - though I might be wrong and maybe thinking of something else dug up from my distant past memory!

Apologies if my info is not correct.

  Florio 13:38 18 Apr 2009

No, Technotiger, your info is correct. Streamerone is in fact an Italian program (I am living in Italy) even though I get the impression that it is used by people all over the place. But I wasn't aware (until you mentioned it!) that it is a P2P program.
At any rate, my problem really involves setting up router ports; I've got no idea what this involves and wouldn't like to mess up the settings used for internet and email etc.

  Technotiger 13:55 18 Apr 2009
  Technotiger 14:00 18 Apr 2009

If you do want to watch TV on your PC, I would advise you to install a PCI TV Card, perhaps one of the Hauppauge range.

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