The STRANGEST Problem I've Ever Had!

  kinger 18:11 24 May 2008

I’m working on a brand new Dell PC with Vista Ultimate installed.

Recently, while working on a magazine that I publish, I was suspicious of my files not behaving normally.

I thought that I was going slightly mad but, today, it is definitely not working as expected.
The problem is that I update a file with new data and can print it out or upload it to a web site etc. BUT, when I open the file again, it’s the OLD version of the file.... that is, until I close it and reopen it after going through the folders to find it again and it’ll be the NEW version.

This now keeps happening. Windows Vista seems to get confused as to which version of the file to show.

Today, I altered a Word file and rewrote most of it, closed it, then on reopening the file, all my alterations had disappeared and it was still the old version.

I restarted the computer and the NEW version now opened.

Does anyone know what the heck is going on?
It’s almost as if Vista filing system is totally confused. I know I am.

  audeal 20:17 24 May 2008

Are you saving the new file with the same name as the old one and saving it in the same place?

  [email protected] 20:41 24 May 2008

You could try the Vista forum.

  woodchip 20:48 24 May 2008

I think you will find this to be a Word Problem, Not Vista

  kinger 21:00 24 May 2008

Yes saving the same file with the same name but just updating the text inside.

It's almost as if Vista keeps doing a system restore type thing and putting the old version in place of the new.

It happens with Word files, PDF's and now MS Publisher files .. it's the most odd thing I've ever had happen on a PC, and I've been using them since 1989.

Sometimes I can get the new version back by going back to the desktop and going back down through the folders again to the file and it will reappear correctly. Othere times I need to reboot to get back the new version but, now, it seems to be losing them altogether and just giving me the old version back.

Strange behaviour, for sure.

  kinger 21:00 24 May 2008

I will post on the Vista forum too, just in case it is OS related

  jamich 02:00 25 May 2008

hi, i thing that this is office not vista try udate it or reinstall it.

when you save updated text are you asked to confirm the saving? or you can try not to save and just try to close word after you made some changes to the text.if the aplication just close than you know there is some wrong with word cos normaly it would ask you to save the changes.

  kinger 15:20 26 May 2008

thanks Jamich, will take a look now.

  ened 15:34 26 May 2008

I've read somewhere that Vista keeps all files (which have been changed) in case you ever wish/need to roll back.

Possibly this is something to do with this.

Sorry I don't have time to research this better for you but have a look hereclick here might help.

  jamich 23:06 31 May 2008

it would be nice from you if you could share with us how did you resolve this problem. thank you

  kinger 14:45 07 Jun 2008

Hi Jamich.

I transferred my posting to the Visa forum as was suggested by another post.

So rather than having it here also, I put 'resolved'.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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