Strange yellow tint

  jak_jaa 16:59 21 Jun 2004

I seem to have developed a strange yellow tint that covers the whole screen, more or less permantly. Could anyone please tell me whats wrong? Is it my graphics card? Is it my monitor?
Thank you in advance...

  Valvegrid 17:21 21 Jun 2004

My guess is its the monitor. Do you have another monitor you can borrow to confirm it?

  jak_jaa 17:38 21 Jun 2004

Thanks Valvegrid, but I haven't. Is there any other way I can find out?

  jack 17:42 21 Jun 2004

Almost certainly the monitor.
Is it very old?
Try any external controls first.
Check also proximity of external magnets -Speakers and the like [ although this would give
side biased tints]

Check the pins on the plug
If it has been unplugged recently and repluged in
one of the pins may be bent and missing its hole.

Otherwise if it is CRT - replace they are so cheap bow it would cost more to put in for adjustment.

  PSF 17:49 21 Jun 2004

Do you colour compensation on your monitor?
If I set mine to 6500k the monitor has a yellow tint, try setting it to 9300k.

  canard 22:40 21 Jun 2004


  jak_jaa 23:12 21 Jun 2004


Thanx for your reply. You may be right, the monitor is nearly four years old so I suppose it owes me nothing! Guess it's a good excuse to look at flat screens :)


Tried changing the colour compensation on my monitor and all it did was change the tone of the tint!!!

Looks like I've got the pleasure of trawlin for a new CRT/TFT...(:

  Chris the Ancient 23:19 21 Jun 2004

Sounds awfully like the blue 'gun' in the crt is dying!

Go mad. Get a flat screen!

  Gandalph 02:38 22 Jun 2004

The tint could also be caused through dry solder joints in the monitor. I had this about four years ago except mine was a green tint. I took it in for repair and it's still going strong today although I only keep it as a spare. Worth checking before you rush out and buy a new one.

  jak_jaa 11:28 22 Jun 2004

Thank you all for your advice.
It's great to know there is somewhere to come for help or just another take on problems.

Looks like I'll have to have some fun using my 'womanly wiles' on my hubby!!!( or rather I'll be seeing yellow for a long time...ha ha)

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