Strange XP login problem

  fitshase 02:11 04 Jun 2003

Here's the problem:-

User 'A' switches the computer on in the morning, logs on to their account (an Administrator account), does some work then fast user switches back to the login screen (i.e., does not log out but goes back to the login screen).

User 'B' then comes along (also an Administrator account), clicks on their account to login and waits. The desktop loads, everything in the startup loads, then it locks up. Nothing happens. The only way to get out is to press the reset button on the front of the computer.


If User 'B' logs in first, then switches user so User 'A' can login, everthing works fine.


If User'A' logs in before User 'B', the computer locks up. If User 'B' logs in before User 'A', everything is fine.

It is Windows XP Pro. This has only started happening within the last month. User 'A' works away for 2 weeks of the month so User 'B' hasn't noticed the problem until User 'A' came home and logged on before User 'B'.

Anyone know why?



  Brian-336451 02:52 04 Jun 2003

I had problems not too differently last year in XPHome and blamed the fast user switching. I don't use that anymore, preferring to use the Start button and switch user that way.

I don't have the problem anymore. If I remember correctly, this was one of the 'problems' Powertoys was addressing when MS withdrew it for some months.

Don't take the above as Gospel, but I just don't get those problems anymore.

Good luck

  Brian-336451 03:02 04 Jun 2003
  fitshase 10:45 04 Jun 2003

Cheers for that but Fast User Switching has been working a treat since I installed XP over 6 months ago.

The machine has more than enough memory to cope with it and disabling it will be a headache as we tend to leave some programs running on our separate profiles when we are not at the machine. Closing these programs down each time I leave the machine is something I do not want to be doing.

I am thinking about a clean install of XP as it might be in need of one. I thought that this might be a common problem.

I'll see if there are any more responses and then I'll start backing up files before a re-install.

Thanks again for the advice and links.



  Brian-336451 21:31 06 Jun 2003

Funnily enough, I've just done a clean install of XPH to a newly formatted C: drive.

Amazing how that sorted out my Networking problem with a Win98 laptop and several other niggles like (uncharacteristic) crashes, and our old friend the 'blue screen of death'.

Good luck.

  AndySD 22:06 06 Jun 2003

Why not try a Repair installation first

Boot from the CD

Let the Setup go through the first part of the Installation procedure.

When you come to the screen in which it says "Welcome to Setup." press Enter to Setup Windows XP.

Press F8 to agree to the End User License.

Let the Setup search your system for previous versions of Windows.

When the Setup is finished searching your system, select your Windows XP Installation and press the R key on your keyboard to start the Repair Procedure.

Setup will delete all major system files and then replace them with new copies.

You will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update again because it replaces the files.

There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow these steps to repairing Windows XP.

  fitshase 11:53 07 Jun 2003

Well, I have another problem which makes this one pretty redundant:-

click here

It looks like I am going to do a clean install anyway!

Cheers for the helps


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