Strange Win2k screen overlaying WWW screen ...

  Heefie 02:07 31 Jan 2004

Never had this problem before yesterday, now twice in two days, both times when accessing Football team sites ... Leicester City & Portsmouth (for research, honestly g> !!!) !!!

Hang on ... I've just noticed that both sites are addressed "click here", so maybe it's them ( and not me !!!

Basically, the screen is overlayed with a Windows 2000 screen saying 'You do not currently have a default document set for your users. Any users attempting to connect to this site are currently receiving an "Under Construction page'. "

My original question was "what should I do, what have I done ?" ... I'm now wondering if I should be asking "Should I be telling these poor buggers that their web sites are run by idiots ?" ?!?!?!

One strange thing, I can re-load the page and it's fine ... sometimes ... 50% hitrate!!!

BTW, I am using IE 6.0.2800.1106IS & Win2K ... is it me or is it them ?!?!?!?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:31 31 Jan 2004

Their problem, not yours from what I can work out from google. click here

  Heefie 16:42 31 Jan 2004

Cheers Diodorus, I thought that was probably the case, but it's nice to have it confirmed ...

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