Strange Virus

  iscanut 22:15 19 Oct 2004

Downloaded some photos from my Compact Flash card a few days ago. Some days later, my Anti Virus program ( Panda ) quarantines 3 files stating that they are infected with Exploit/ virus. The other 30 or so jpeg files were OK ! I cannot get into their virus list online at present. Anyone come across this virus at all ? I am mystified as to how I have contracted it !

  DoctorButcher 22:19 19 Oct 2004

Malware Name: Exploit-MS04-028

Risk Assessment
Corporate User : Low
Home User : Low

Malware Information
Discovery Date: 09/14/2004
Origin: Unknown
Length: varies
Type: Malware; SubType: Exploit

Minimum DAT:4392 (09/22/2004)
Updated DAT:4392 (09/22/2004)
Minimum Engine: 4.3.20
Description Added: 09/16/2004
Description Modified: 09/16/2004 4:28 AM (PT)


Malware Characteristics:

This detection is for JPEG files intended to exploit the recently announced vulnerability described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028 .

For further details about the vulnerability, and links to the Microsoft patches, click on the following link:

click here

Variable. This detection is for JPEGs files intended to exploit a vulnerability. The symptoms of the buffer overflow will vary depending upon the remote code executed.

Method Of Infection
The vulnerability exists in many applications and operating systems where JPEG files are processed. A maliciously crafted JPEG could arrive at the system via several vectors (web, email etc).

Removal Instructions
All Users :
Use current engine and DAT files for detection. Delete any file which contains this detection.

Mc Afee

  iscanut 07:32 20 Oct 2004

Thanks for the trouble you have taken to respond. I still do not understand fully, as these were 3 files amongst 30 or so taken from my camera and which have been sat on my PC for a week or so. Only yesterday did the anti virus message pop up when I was looking at them again. Will do some more research based on what info you have given me.

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