Strange usb problem

  CFC23 14:01 26 Jan 2011

While transferring an update to my PVR the usb port on my desktop XP stopped working,I was able to do the update via my laptop.
I have got all the other usb ports working now but the one that the PVR was using is playing up.
It will work with two of my memory sticks but not with the third one.It refuses to recognise my camera in this port,the one that I have always used with the camera.The camera works fine in other ports.
I have searched this forum and tried various things but nothing has worked.
Any ideas please?

  Nontek 14:25 26 Jan 2011

It might help if you said what 'various things' you had already tried - however, have you tried going into Devices and uninstalling the rogue usb port then re-starting your computer and trying the same port again??

  CFC23 14:36 26 Jan 2011

I found a reference to "drive cleanup" on this forum and tried that,it clears out the registry values for usb.
I think it was woodchip that in reply to someone advised, uninstall everything under usb controllers in device manager,restart and let XP reinstall.

I tried both of these but the problem remains.
As I have said,I can use other ports but it bugs me that I can't cure this.

  GaT7 14:46 26 Jan 2011

Well, I think it's one of those problems not worth worrying about, especially if you can get a 4-port replacement for under a fiver click here (check Amazon & eBay as well).

There's also the front panel type to consider if you have a free 3.5/5.25" drive bay. These will be more expensive though. Can post examples if needed. G

  CFC23 14:55 26 Jan 2011

Crossbow7,yes your are right,it's just an annoyance to me.I have two ports on the front panel the bottom one is the problem one,but the one above works just fine.
I seems strange that some memory sticks work in this port but others and the camera will not.
Searches seem to reveal that these sort of faults are hard to correct.

  GaT7 15:20 26 Jan 2011

'Searches seem to reveal that these sort of faults are hard to correct'

Exactly, hence my suggestion :-).

I used to be very stubborn with PC faults in the past & would spend days (even weeks!) trying to sort it out. But now I don't bother too much. As I feel computing is about enjoying the experience & not obsessing about every little thing that goes wrong, or which can be easily rectified by an alternative that doesn't cost the Earth! G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 26 Jan 2011

USB driver conflict

"drive cleanup" only clears info for mass storage devices i.e. external drives and pen drives

Use USB device view click here to unistall ALL devices that are shown as not connected. reboot the PC
then reconnect your device and windows should find an install new hard ware.

  CFC23 21:12 26 Jan 2011

Yes thanks for that.I had downloaded that yesterday but had not realised what it could do other than showing what was, and had been connected.
It found 60 entries!
I un-installed the lot and did a reboot.Every thing was found ok after a bit of fiddling but that one port still will not recognise the camera and one memory stick. It does recognise two other memory sticks so proves that it is working.

I think I will give up on this because other ports work ok,it just bugs me that I can't fix it!

Thank you for all the help and suggestions.

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