Strange things happen in 'Word'

  billyliv 19:51 06 Apr 2003

Hi, Hello Microsoft, A strange thing has very recently happened in 'Word'. My spacebar instead of moving eveything forward now deletes the character in front of the cursor. Is this occurence due to one of your Auto Updates?. Cheers, Bill.

  bendunn 19:59 06 Apr 2003

what u have got on is overright that can easly be taken off by pressing the 0 on the numpad or ctrl and 0 on the numpad

  AndyJ 20:02 06 Apr 2003

Look right down to the bottom of the Word screen (just above the Windows Taskbar. It's the bar in Word that denoted Page, Sec Ln etc. One of the items there is OVR. If OVR is in bold, and not greyed out, double-click on it to grey it out. This should clear your problem if it is.

  graham 20:59 06 Apr 2003

Shucks, beaten to it again!

  Peter E 22:19 06 Apr 2003

Press the Insert key on the keyboard. It toggles between Insert and Overtype modes and is easily pressed accidentally.

  billyliv 23:59 06 Apr 2003

Hi, Isn't it funny, without doing anything I opened 'Word' Typed a few lines, brought the cursor back, tried the spacebar and everything is working as it should. thanks for your responses. Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 00:11 07 Apr 2003

That's because Insert mode is the standard, so restarting word reset it back to standard. To recreate the situation, so that you can see exectly what happens - just hit the Insert key when typing - and you'll get your problem back - hit it again and it'll go away again. (as Peter E explained)

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