Strange things are happening....

  will123 14:52 18 Apr 2006

I recently installed a geforce 6800 GS, im using windows XP home edition. The thing is my computer is doin weird things, it randomly loads programs, like Itunes, outlook express, and turns itself off or on standbye. The problem is when im playing games this minimizes the game or shuts it down.
My comp runs at about 40 celcius CPU normally, and when gaming can go up to 55 celcius, could this be a heat problem, or are there other issues?
(btw this only started happening after i installed my new gfx)

  Stuartli 15:23 18 Apr 2006

Can't explain the graphics card behaviour but, if it's an AMD CPU, the temperatures are OK.

Have you tried checking the card is seated properly.

Also that you completely uninstalled the previous graphics card drivers before installing new drivers?

Some people find that older versions of nVidia drivers can cure some problems.

Read this excellent guide to uninstalling graphics drivers at:

click here

including the use of Driver Cleaner Pro (free).

  will123 15:30 18 Apr 2006

my drivers appear to be fine, the only thing worrying me is that in the dxidiag is says im running a version 6 driver (one that came with card) when i installed a version 8 (the latest one) could this be the reason, i have tried re-installing but problem still occurs

  Stuartli 15:37 18 Apr 2006

I would start again from scratch, get rid of all traces of previous drivers (have you had an nVidia chipset graphics card before, or even an ATi one?) and then reinstall the latest nVidia drivers from its website.

Might be worth downloading these first and keeping them in their own folder until you install them.

  Totally-braindead 15:53 18 Apr 2006

If this only happened when you installed the new card, can you go back to the old one and see what happens then. If it no longer does it then theres three possabilities, the graphics driver hasn't been installed properly because bits of the old driver is left behind or its the wrong driver or the graphics card is faulty or its a power issue and the card is not getting enough power from the power supply.

  woodchip 15:58 18 Apr 2006

Check for Viru or Malaware

  will123 16:49 18 Apr 2006

check for viruses and malaware, i re-installed drivers clean again (like the guide said) and its only this card, i dont get it, keep the suggestions coming, although saying this it hasnt restarted randomly yet (fingers crossed)

  Stuartli 17:18 18 Apr 2006

Then, as Totally-braindead points out, it could be that the PSU is not up to the job watts wise.

When I temporarily changed to a GeForceFX 5200 last year (now have an ATi 9550), I found out from the manual that it required at least 300w and preferably 350w on the power side.

So I had to get a 500w PSU as I discovered, on checking my excellent Enermax PSU acquired six or seven years ago, that it was not a 235w model as I thought but just 100w.

It was a credit to the quality of the PSU that it had manfully taken everything thrown at it in its stride to that point.

Interestingly, the 5200 would work OK with the Enermax; I changed the PSU to be sure.

  Totally-braindead 17:32 18 Apr 2006

I had some bother with the PC I'm on now. I thought it might be the power supply as I was using the cheap generic power supply that came with the case. I bought a nice Tagan power supply and discovered the problem was still there. It would run fine for a while then lock up or crash. Eventually the startup screen became corrupted and it was at this point I discovered it was actually the graphics card that was on the way out.

If you still have the old graphics card then refitting it would at least tell you that its not a driver issue though it may still be the power supply.

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