Strange taskbar that appeared & went away!!

  gazmix 12:08 29 Sep 2006

Yesterday i was posting on here & i clicked the ' button & a strange noise was heard & above my taskbar at the bottom, appeared a new taskbar with a white cross on red background, a search box with 'find' & a flashing cursor & a fiew other things written!

As i use Firefox & have IE too, i can do to certain pages say to book tickets or whatever on IE but not firefox.
VoG on here said to download this programme that switches between them & i think i clicked on the icon of firefox that appears above the clock that changes from firefox to IE when clicked.
Can anyone help with what the taskbar was, it doesn't seem to be happening now, but i don't know what started it!

  spuds 12:34 29 Sep 2006

Not knowing what started the problem can be a puzzle initially, anything from programme to human error. Possibly best to wait and see if it happens again, with 'mistakes' in mind.

  gazmix 14:24 29 Sep 2006

i'm sure it's something to do with the programme VoG gave me to download that gives me the firefox/IE quick change between the 2 browsers!

  gazmix 15:07 29 Sep 2006

It's a Mozilla firefox addon called
IE that enables you to switch between IE & Firefox.
How do i get rid of this, i right clicked on this firefox logo that appeared above the clock & checked a fiew things & now i don't see the logo. So i don't know how to remove it, i can't find it on my pc, i've run a search!

  VoG II 15:17 29 Sep 2006

Tools > Extensions, click on IETab, click Uninstall.

  gazmix 16:27 29 Sep 2006

Cheers, is now uninstalled, just wondering though what that taskbar was for at the bottom & why it was my ' key that brought it up?

  VoG II 16:29 29 Sep 2006

' is the Firefox shortcut key for Search - the equivalent of Edit > Find in this page. Nothing to do with IETab.

  gazmix 16:42 29 Sep 2006

mmm, but when i press ' now i have deleted IEtab, it doesn't show the 'new taskbar', see i can use the ' key now ok.
Yes when i go to edit & find this page, thats what did come up, how come now when i press ', it doesn't in firefox!
Not that i want it to anymore hehe.

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