Strange silver square on monitor

  Cockle 12:01 17 Jan 2008

I have a strange silver/blue square on the screen approx 2.5cm square. it comes on when the icons are loading and stays in front of any wallpaper. I have left/right clicked it, dragged/dropped, threatened, cursed and so on. it is not on the screen when I am working, as now.What is it? and how can I get rid of it, I have changed monitors but this did not work either. Cockle

  DieSse 12:06 17 Jan 2008

Where on the screen is it - will it move when you drag it?

Can you grab a picture of it? (you can put it on Image Shack and give us a link to it).

  Cockle 12:23 17 Jan 2008

The square is positioned (and won't move) approx 10cm from the left and 10cm from the top of the screen. It will not move, other than explosives, sometimes it will be a transparant outline with a cross top left corner of the square, clicking the cross does nothing,imagine a silver/blue opaque square 2.5cm square, or an outline as described.I run Windows XP. I repeat, it only comes on the screen when the icons have loaded. Cockle

  Cockle 12:26 17 Jan 2008

PS. from Cockle, I will try to get a picture of the screen and download it to somewhere. Cockle

  chriscross72 12:29 17 Jan 2008

Just a guess, but could it be spyware or similar. Try running adaware or spybot.
Like I said just a guess but it wont hurt to try it
Good luck
Also you could check on msconfig, start-up and see if anything suspicious is funning.

  Cockle 12:57 17 Jan 2008

Thanks DieSse, and chriscross72, i have sent a 'message requesting how to post a photograph'. Cheers, Cockle

  De Nada 15:53 17 Jan 2008

Hi Cockle,try this,

open display tab in control panel,appearance,themes
click desktop,
click customise,
click web tab,
and clear relevant boxes.

  sunny staines 15:57 17 Jan 2008

do you have download accelerator plus installed. The latest version leaves one of these after downloads which needs a right click and select exit to get rid of the silver square.

  Cockle 16:54 17 Jan 2008

Sorry De Nada and Sunny Staines (is it?) neither suggestions worked. Cockle

  DieSse 18:07 17 Jan 2008

I've looked at the pic you sent me - but sorry, it doesn't give me any more clues.

If you right click on the desktop - click Properties - is "Lock web items on the desktop" ticked - if so, does unticking it help

  Cockle 20:44 17 Jan 2008

Thanks DieSse, but NO, the little b----r is still there, I have changed various wallpapers , no luck. Sequence of events on starting up = usual Windows welcome, Sign in, password,screen goes blank,wallpaper appears, no silver square. then Blue screen, icons appear on blue screen, (no silver square) Wallpaper re-appears behind icons,silver square appears.
Does this help? Cockle

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