Strange Ram/Boot issues with my new PC

  christiney 14:26 03 Jan 2012

Hello, I recently purchased components to build a new pc. It works flawlessly (when it's working!) but has some strange Ram/power issues that I hoped I could gain some insight on. I have an Asus M5A97Pro motherboard, 2x4GB 1600 f-3 12800 gskill ram, AMD Phenom II x4 960T 3.0ghz CPU. My PSU is also 500 watts. The OS is windows 7 64 bit. All of these components SHOULD be compatible according to manufacturer specs, however, when all 8 gigs of ram is installed in the reccommended (or any other DIMM slot) windows and the Bios only utilise half of it. In windows and the bios it acknowleges there is 8 gigs inserted and the brand etc, but insists only 4 gig is working. I have tested both sticks seperately and the Ram works fine by itself.

When I insert the ram into some other combinations the PC will not even reach the Bios while booting, and after putting back to a working configuration I get the message "overclock unsuccessful, press f1 to enter setup" before defaulting everything on the Bios again. I have the most up to date bios on the memory board and have already checked the CPU for bent pins/reinstalled it to rule that out.

Even with the "working" memory configuration (1 stick only) the pc can occasionally refuse to reach the bios upon booting. General opinion is that I need to change some "auto" settings in my bios to match the manufacturer spec of my ram, but I dont know how to do this. If you could help at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  birdface 14:42 03 Jan 2012

I take it you are running 64Bit windows or will only show as 4 Gb on a 32Bit version.

  Ibanez2010 14:43 03 Jan 2012

Are you sure you've got a 64bit operating system installed? 32bit operating systems won't recognise over 4gb.

  birdface 14:43 03 Jan 2012

Sorry Never noticed the W/7 version.

  birdface 15:04 03 Jan 2012

Doing a bit of Googling it says if the Bios shows 8 Gb of ram there is nothing wrong with it and it must be some other problem.

  christiney 15:07 03 Jan 2012

Well, the Bios mainpage says 4gb, but going deeper into advanced settings and looking at the northbridge shows 2x 4gb sticks. It knows its there and what it is, just refuses to use it.

  T0SH 15:26 03 Jan 2012

Are you fitting both ram sticks into the same colour slots blue/blue or black/black, also there appears to be a memory OK led near the edge of the board as shown here one assumes it will iluminate if all is well with the ram fitted ?

Cheers HC

  christiney 16:08 03 Jan 2012

I have tried in several configurations to rule out any bad slots or something. Either stick by itself in a blue slot works. Both sticks in blue slots work (half recognised) both sticks in black caused boot issues, and 1xblue 1xblack caused boot issues. It SEEMS as though the "auto settings" for the Ram in the Bios has the slots all configured differently and is trying to clock my ram as standard making it unstable or not work. It's the only thing I havnt been able to fully check myself as I dont know what I'm looking for to check ram timings, voltages etc.

  christiney 16:11 03 Jan 2012

When it fails to boot btw I have a red LED near the ram lit constantly. Successful boots have it blink only momentarily.

Should a 500 watt PSU be able to handle all of my equipment properly? Have a sata 360 gig HDD 7800rpm, 1x PCIE Radeon HD5770 and the above hardware.

  christiney 15:02 06 Jan 2012

I manually adjusted the timings of my Ram, the ram voltage, NB voltage and CPU/NB offset gradually and one at a time in an attempt to get that second stick recognised by no dice. 0 changes up until my pc did not boot and I got that familiar "overclock unsuccessful please enter setup" message to return everything to defaults.

I also have, maybe once every 2-3 times I turn my PC on the same issue where my pc doesnt even reach bios and I have to unplug it, and boot it again where it will boot perfectly fine. This issue still occurs with only 1 memory stick installed.

  BRYNIT 16:06 06 Jan 2012

Its difficult to pinpoint this type of fault.

After a quick look at the manual you should have the memory in the two blue slots for best configuration A2 + B2)

Have you over clocked anything? From the manual, when over clocking some AMD CPU models may not support DDR3 1600 or higher

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