Strange problem at start up

  Trackrat 22:56 19 Aug 2006

When I boot into Xp, the Asus splash page shows as normal, then the XP screen comes on and the green bar starts moving across, then the screen goes grey, and then black and after about 10 seconds the mouse arrow appears and it boots into windows normally.
This started to happen about a month ago, and yesterday it just stopped on the grey screen and I had to do a restore with Acronis as I could not get it to load in safe mode.
After doing the restore it still has the same problem although at the moment it boots into windows.

My antivirus and firewall are up to date and I have all the pstches from Microsoft.

My specs are Asus A8N-SLi motherboard, AMD x2 3800 processor, 2 x 1gb Crucial 3200 memory 2 x 160 sata and a 160 ata hard drive.

Has anyone come across this problem, if not I will try a new install.

  woodchip 23:07 19 Aug 2006

You could try SFC /SCANNOW with the XP CD in the computer. Looks like you also are having problems with Drivers or program starting that runs in the background. You could also try start in Safe Mode go to run type MSCONFIG got to startup tab try removing tick from things that do not need to start at boot, you can put back any you find you need after

  Trackrat 23:27 19 Aug 2006

Woodchip, I should have said, I have already tried sfc /scannow, and I use Crap cleaner to control the start up tab.

  woodchip 23:44 19 Aug 2006

I still think its a driver or program that's your problem

  vitrocmax 00:01 20 Aug 2006

I notice you mention GREEN bar starts moving. Should be Blue if you're on SP2.
Could this be relevant?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:24 20 Aug 2006

have you recently added a second SATA HDD.

  Trackrat 09:34 20 Aug 2006

Vitrocmax, it has always been a green bar and yes SP2 is on and all the latest updates.
Nite~Lite, I have had the 2 SATA hard drives since I built it a year ago.
Woodchip, any ideas how to track down the possibly faulty driver or program ?.

  woodchip 14:18 20 Aug 2006

As above turn off as many things as Computer will let you in MSCONFIG. Restart to see if its any better. If it is then add one back at a time in the above till you find the one. I finished up restoring to a early Acronis Image. To sort some problems I had with software and Windows OS

  Trackrat 15:19 20 Aug 2006

I have just tried that in msconfig and it has made no difference, so it is back to the drawing board, any other suggestions.

  woodchip 17:31 20 Aug 2006

If you dont have any Images then you are stuck with XP repair if you have a Full XP disc. This you have to start with in the CD drive then run repair when you get to it

  Trackrat 16:17 21 Aug 2006

I tried a repair install, and no good, so I started to look at the hardware.
As I run two graphics cards in SLi mode, I took one out and tried that out, and no difference, so I then swapped the cards over, still no difference.
The only thing left now is the Nvidia drivers, so I am going back to the previous version and see what happens.

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