Strange problem printing larger PDF-files

  bjk 11:51 08 Aug 2006

Strange: With the latest driver for my HP Deskjet 5652 it is impossible to print more than about 10 pages at a time of PDF-files. More pages make the printer just print rubbish. Example: A PDF-file of 60 pages needs to be printed in 6 batches of 10 pages each. This is absurd, seems to me that the printer memory fills up without control, but I don't know much about these things. This happens only, and only, with PDF-files, in all other situations the printer works excellent. Any ideas??

  FelixTCat 11:58 08 Aug 2006


Check the printer icon in the system tray whilst you are printing. It will tell you if you have a memory problem (right-click on it).



  bjk 12:24 08 Aug 2006

No warning or message about memory problem. The only special thing I notice is that it takes very long time to generate the PDF print queue, there is something strange.

  FelixTCat 13:22 08 Aug 2006


Are you a bit tight for disk space for temporary files? That's where the printer driver spools the print queue.

Perhaps the disk is badly fragmented?



  stylehurst 14:10 08 Aug 2006

Converting to a PDF file is two-stage process, in the first stage, a post script file is created, and this in turn is converted to a PDF file. During the process of creating the PostScript file, which can be very large, this is stored in the virtual memory, which can rapidly be filled up, resulting in the process that you have described. To overcome this problem, you will either have to proceed in the manner you have described or you will have to increase the size of your virtual memory.

  bjk 20:31 08 Aug 2006

Thank you Felix and stylehurst,
Regarding disk space: I have plenty of space, I clean up temporary files regularily, and I keep the disk defragmented.
Stylehurst: Very interesting what you say about PDF and the size of the virtual memory, I will have a closer look to this. I don't use PDF-files so much, just to print a huge documentation now and then. However, the strange thing is that I could print PDF-files without this annoying problem with the old original Deskjet driver. So I have the alternative to reinstall this one, but I prefer the latest version because of some new features I like.

  Mikè 21:01 08 Aug 2006

Install the printer twice, using a different driver for each.

  bjk 12:34 09 Aug 2006

That is excactly what I have decided to do, I am tired of testing, uninstalling, reinstalling. Thank you all of you for your attention.

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