Strange problem, possible virus?

  Rennaissance 23:00 23 Feb 2004

Hello, some strange things happened lately. My system keeps rebooting for no reason at all, and it has happened so far while i try to load a game and also another time when i pressed maximize on a downloaded java game. But it is probably irrelevant as to when it happens.

Anyway after these weird restarts, my winpatrol dog program says dumprep 0 -k is not on my list of recently installed programs and if i would want to allow it. What is this strange file, does anyone know. I denied its running, but i think this might be causing my restarts. Could it be a virus, i have done a virus scan with my norton antivirus program, with most recent updated virus lists and it had found no infected files.

I think these restarts happened after my problem with my pc not being able to boot and i could only get into safe mode and then it worked again. After that my pc restarted for no reason and this happens a lot now. Can someone help please? Thanks in advance.

  cycoze 23:13 23 Feb 2004

Windows Error Dump Reporting Tool that creates memory dump reports that you can send back to Microsoft for further analysis. The tool is found on Windows XP/2003.

see click here .

Its probably coming up due to the fact you have had problems.

  Rennaissance 23:26 23 Feb 2004

thanks for the link cycoze, i havenow disablederror reporting. But are you suggesting that my pc rebooted for no reaosn because of the dump crash? if so why is it happening just recently? and how can i stop it. anyone else any ideas?

  Rhuddlan 23:31 23 Feb 2004

Well for a start you can stop the pc rebooting when it crashes, by going to my computer, right click and select properties, advanced and uncheck automactially restart and restart the comp, I had a similar problem last year and found that it was my graphics card that was the problem, what graphics card have you got and what version of Windows?

  Rhuddlan 23:34 23 Feb 2004

Also, event viewer is handy to look at if you have serious system problems, if you have XP you can access it by going to administrative tools in the start menu and selecting event viewer, you have three panes, application, security, and system, this errors are usually in system, right click on the appropriate event and select properties,. this should give you a more detail situation of the problem.

  Rennaissance 23:36 23 Feb 2004

windows xp pro and i have a ati radeon 9200 256 mb. I have now said do not automatically restart when there's a system failure, but is this ok. What consequences will result? I have loaded task manager and my PF Usage is going really high and it is because of this that my system becomes unstable and restarts because as i try to load the game it shoots up to 250 MB of PF usage and then restarts. it used to be only 160 or so. Do you think it would better if i changed the gfx aperture size in bios to 128 as i changed it recently to 64.

  Rhuddlan 23:42 23 Feb 2004

That could be the possible cause, so try changing it, no problems should arise if you select do not automatically restart, have you looked in event viewer yet? Hope I have been of some help.

  imarcus2 23:46 23 Feb 2004

Had a similar problem at the end of last year, and it turned out to be the graphix card driver that had become corrupt -- recovered when re-installed the driver.

  Rennaissance 23:47 23 Feb 2004

i went to event viewer and saw nothing strange. I havealso set it to never restart but it just did it again when the PF usage history was too high. This time there was an error messageblue screen of death, most probably because this time i have let that dumprep program run. It had an error like 00x000000 or something similiar and it had an ati something on it. Which i suspect a graphics problem and i have recently upgraded the latest graphics drivers too.

Thanks for all the help rhuddla, one question, what is your standard PF Usage? when you first load into windows?

  Rennaissance 23:48 23 Feb 2004

thanks imarcus i might try and reinstall that driver i downloaded.

  Rennaissance 15:13 24 Feb 2004

i rolled back the driver to the previous one which did not have this problem but it still restarts when pf usage goes real high to load a agme. Anyone else have any ideas?

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