Strange Problem with Internet Access Virgin ISP

  Skills 21:34 15 Oct 2005

Have spent all day trying to sort out a friends computer for them.

They ordered BB a couple of months ago and have not had a reliable connection ever since.

The problem goes something like this, I uninstalled all the drivers and ISP software, restarted and reinstalled result connection straight away.

You then do a restart and no more internet connection full stop. The helpline at virgin had the system owner do lots of stuff one even told her to uninstall her AV software so I put that on a scanned with it first thing. In the end I spoke to them today and they had me rebuild the network stack, stll no connection so I went through the uninstall / reinstall process again and we had a connection. Restart the system and no connection.

Gone back to the ISP helpline and they are now switching the service from datastream to IPstream and said if that doesn't work then they'll waive the disconnection charge.

The error code that is generated is 0721 which they informed me is to do with a problem at the local exchange but no one else in the area has a problem so I only live about 200 meters down the road and my connections fine.BT have whooshed the line whatever that means.

I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the problem, I just dont understand why the connection is fine until you restart.

Do you think I should give reinstalling XP a try? Have left them with a working connection and orders to not switch off PC a temporary measure but at least they have net access.

Sorry if thats a bit long winded


  MAJ 21:41 15 Oct 2005

It sounds like a winsock problem, Skills, run the "this utility" on this page, see if it cures the problem. click here

  woodchip 21:41 15 Oct 2005

I was thinking the same as you as I read your Post. Save all relevant files and Drivers, then try a Fresh install

  woodchip 21:42 15 Oct 2005

Just before you do. Put the XP disc in comp and run from run box SFC /SCANNOW

  Skills 21:51 15 Oct 2005

Was just doing a bit of research and apparently others using virgin have had this problem. On one site 55 out of 88 users rated the connection as poor.

Think it may be worth trying a reinstall to at least rule out that as a problem but think im going to recommend they cancel virgin and go with someone else.

  Skills 21:52 15 Oct 2005

Will give that go first woodchip when im round there next but am not holding out much hope

  MAJ 21:57 15 Oct 2005

Before reinstalling try my suggestion above, I have seen this problem before, only not with Virgin, and that utility cured the problem.

  Skills 22:04 15 Oct 2005

OK will do worth a try


  Skills 22:18 15 Oct 2005

Just one more question will them having me rebuild the network stack not have done a similar thing to the winsock fix.

They had me type in loads of run cmds this was one of them click here;en-us;299357 and they had me do a dnsflush as well.

  Skills 22:19 15 Oct 2005

Sorry its been a long day click here

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