Strange possible security problem.

  castiel333 00:26 12 Oct 2007


For the last couple of days every time I go to a site where I need to log in I get a message regarding the sites security certificate.

If I click continue the address bar turns pink when the page loads.

When I go to e banking (abbey) when the login window opens it no longer has a little yellow padlock at the bottom and, as Im sure I have read that secure sites are supposed to, Im concerned as to wether it is still safe to log in.

Could someone please tell me if I should be concerned or if it is ok.

  birdface 00:38 12 Oct 2007

Only when you sign in to the bank the padlock appears.It does with mine anyhow.If using IE7 it will appear on the top next to the refresh button.Address bar turns pink.I can only think that it a bad site.And it may be a warning from your security,But just to be in the safe side ,if you are worried Run your A/Virus and Spyware programs.

  castiel333 00:48 12 Oct 2007

I have ran spyware and avg programmes but they have found nothing and all the sites are reputable such as abbey, hsbc, skybet and several other well known companies.

  castiel333 00:50 12 Oct 2007

Sorry I also meant to say that when I click log in to abbey the window that opens has always been padlocked before but not now.

  birdface 01:04 12 Oct 2007

Yes you are right I just tried to log on to Abbey and the padlock came up straight away.So you may have problems with your computer.

  castiel333 01:08 12 Oct 2007

Thank you very much for your help.

I know now that I definately have a problem so I will not log in to anything.

Thanks again.

  birdface 01:12 12 Oct 2007

I hope you can understand this.I am afraid I do not have a here

  castiel333 01:22 12 Oct 2007

I understand some of it Im going to ask one of my friends to have a look at it for me on saturday.

Once again thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it.

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