Strange phone call "your computer is getting slower & slower"

  Adam Patrick 12:05 20 Feb 2012


Received a strange phone call this morning.

The lady I spoke to had a very strong accent (Asian or West Indian possibly) so much so that I couldn't understand much of what she was saying. What I did get was, she said that someone is using my PC without my knowledge and my PC is getting slower and slower, so could I turn my PC on and she will tell me what to do. I said I was busy and she said she'll phone back this afternoon.

Ive noticed each day in the last few days that when I turn PC on in the morning the Anti Virus (Microsoft Essentials its called) is not on !

Does this lady know something I dont !?

Does she somehow know my Anti Virus is off, and is just warning me ?

Stupidy I didnt think to ask who was or where she was working

Should I trust this person ?

Any help would be appreciated

  birdface 12:12 20 Feb 2012

Ignore it it is a scam.

  Woolwell 12:15 20 Feb 2012

Variants of this scam have been around for at least a year.

  Ian in Northampton 12:17 20 Feb 2012

Like Buteman says: it's patently a scam. It's a variation of the one discussed many times on here where the caller directs you to the Windows error log and tells you that's evidence of your PC falling apart. Every Windows users has a huge error log, but it doesn't mean there's any kind of problem. In the same way, every Windows user always experiences a gradual slowing down over time - it's what Windows does - but it doesn't mean someone else is using your machine. No, she can't possibly know about, or have anything to do with, your AV being switched off. That's a coincidence - but one you need to address.

  Diemmess 12:23 20 Feb 2012

Pretty safe assumption that if "they" make the call, send them packing.

MS, most banks and similar organisations constantly remind their customers that they will never make first contact by phone or email.

  Jollyjohn 13:06 20 Feb 2012

Tell them you are using Linux - they soon hang up on you!

I strung one of these callers along for an hour one day - running Vista in a virtualbox with the network card disconnected. That had them totally baffled.

I am currently playing with Wireshark so next time I can trace back to them.

  spuds 13:12 20 Feb 2012

This subject as been flogged to death, and you will find many comments about this via a simple internet search.

If they phone back, ask for the company name (it might be Microsoft?), then tell them that you are not interested. Tell them to remove your details from any lists they may hold (don't provide any information to them),bid them goodbye and put the phone down.

If your are having problems with your computer, then tell this forum, someone will most likely have the answer, and for free!.

  robin_x 13:16 20 Feb 2012

Check your options for MSE so it starts when you boot.

Re-install if any problems.

It is easy for these fraudsters to prey on people.

There is always something needs fixing on everyone's computers from the moment you get them out of the box.

  lotvic 13:17 20 Feb 2012

It's a Phishing SCAM, often they claim to be from some Microsoft Dept etc.

aricle in Telegraph

Do not give them any of your details.

The scam works by criminals posing as computer security engineers and calling people at home to tell them they are at risk of a computer security threat and/or that they have errors on pc that they can fix for a price. If they know your phone number and name it will have come from a telephone directory or some list from the internet that they have bought/aquired in order to scam people.

To stop them calling you tell them you have got rid of your Windows pc and now have an Apple Mac or are using Linux. Then hang up without further discussion.

If you are worried about your MSE not running properly give us more details on here and someone will advise on what to do.

  Woolwell 14:10 20 Feb 2012

The last time one of these callers rang they stated that I had been having problems for some weeks. Whereupon I replied that is interesting as I have a brand new computer which I've only had for a day or so therefore you are lying.

  tullie 15:28 20 Feb 2012

Dont think you are being a smarty by stringing them along,your not,theyve heard it all before,just put the phone down.

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