Strange Phone Call

  Chas49 15:50 09 Jul 2010

I've just had a call in whcih an indian lady told me that I had been using a Microsoft program (true) and that I was likely to download viruses ( I was in the process of emailing a large (10mb) program to a friend in Canada - this was actually being uploaded as the phone call came in) - suspecting a sales call and put the phone down.

Anyone had a similar call?

  birdface 15:53 09 Jul 2010

Yes ignore it it is a scam.

  rdave13 15:58 09 Jul 2010

Similar post about the scam; click here

  Chas49 16:06 09 Jul 2010

Thanks fellas - just what I suspected. I hadn't seen the other threads.

  tonymcdonn 16:12 10 Jul 2010

I got this message from the same guy. He told me to download Teamviewer so he could get remote control of my PC and fix it for me which I did. He said there would be a charge of £40 to clear my Pc of the errors and give me a virus checker for 12 months which was called Trustport and one months on-line support. I agreed to this and put my card number in and then he said he would take over my machine for about an hour and a half, which he did. He then rang me back to say the antivirus was on and everything was running ok. I am now getting a bit worried after reading all these e-mails.. Has anyone got any more information? the frim is, tel 02033188706. help

  provider 2 16:20 10 Jul 2010

... only it isn` here

Yours doesn`t sound as if it`s the same scammer and indeed may well be genuine, though this kind of cold call should automatically set alarm bells ringing.

  cocteau48 16:21 10 Jul 2010


Just to on the safe side I would be cancelling my credit card immediately.

Phone you card company and get them to check on all recent activity for any transactions which may not be yours.

  rdave13 16:31 10 Jul 2010

Checked the site and McAfee and WOT went red. (Warning). I'd follow the above advice with regards to your card and would check out your PC to see what's been done to it. If you can't do this yourself do you know someone that can help?
I'd be wary of using online banking etc until it's checked.

  provider 2 16:36 10 Jul 2010

Conflicting reports on the web regarding thesupportonline, some saying it`s a genuine company, others that it`s a fraud: click here

Better be on the safe side a follow cocteau48 and rdave13`s suggestions above.

  gazzaho 07:33 11 Jul 2010


click here is rated by WOT as green with all comments in the 90s and my F-Secure virus software lists the site as safe. The click here site also comes up safe with WOT and my F-Secure software but these are just the genuine sites, other sites hosting the software download may not come up safe with WOT depending on where you download it from.

I myself wouldn't allow anyone to access my PC remotely unless I had total trust in them. And I would never give credit card information over a phone, identity theft can and does happen, perhaps not as often as the tabloids would have you believe, but why take unnecessary risks.

Hopefully you have dodged a bullet this time so to speak, I wouldn't panic right away. I would contact my card provider and at least inform them of the situation, they would be able to offer the best advice on what to do next.

It might be wise to download and run SuperAntiSpyware, found here (click here) and check your computer out. It's free and will not conflict with other virus software on your system.

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