Strange PC Hang-Ups

  miner 16:53 08 Feb 2005

I have a pc which (a) can hang completely just after startup or shortly afterwards or (b) the desktop becomes inaccessible even though the mouse can move the cursor freely.

It also won't shut down properly, not even with ctrl-alt-delete (x2).

Any ideas....? Its a 1.33Mhz motherboard running W98SE

  phono 17:42 08 Feb 2005

Have you added any new hardware or software to the computer just prior to the start of this behaviour?

Are the fans running as normal or are there any "strange sounds" coming from the case?

  miner 17:54 08 Feb 2005

Prior to the problems I had done a registry clean-up using Easy Cleaner plus removed temp. files etc with the same programme and a de-frag. Ah-Ha you say! That explains it!

Well the pc also has periods when it works perfectly (infrequent though).

  phono 18:03 08 Feb 2005

Have you tried an undo operation with EasyCleaner? It may just sort your problems out.

  miner 20:14 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for that idea phono - I hadn't noticed there was an 'undo' in Easy Cleaner. However this only made the situation worse (if thats possible) - the whole screen and mouse freezes completely straight after startup and repeatedly.

Ctrl/alt/del has no effect.

I'll keep trying to get back to the situation I had before the 'undo',in the meantime......

  phono 09:01 09 Feb 2005

Try doing a registry repair, type scanreg /fix at a command prompt and follow the onscreen instructions.

If that does not help you could try re-installing Win 98se over the top of itself which may replace any files that have been removed.

Ultimately you may be left with a complete fresh re-install of Windows.

As a matter of interest, can you start in safe mode?

  phono 09:11 09 Feb 2005

Just had another thought, before resorting to an install try running the system file checker, you may have to search for it, it is called SFC.exe.

When you find it create a shortcut to it then double click the shortcut, you will need your Windows disk handy in case it finds any system files corrupt or changed.

  Ollieole 09:14 09 Feb 2005


Oddly enough I've just had a similar problem last night. W98SE machine would boot into windows and then hang. I couldn't move the mouse and Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn't do anything. Problem seemed to be AVG / Zone Alarm i.e. everything loaded but then as it started to load AVG and Zone Alarm it would hang. Uninstalled and reinstalled both and it seemed fine last night booted up a few times in a row no problems.

Don't know if this helps

  Dumble452 09:39 09 Feb 2005

I had problems which turned out to be related to programs running at start up. Run "msconfig" go to startup and try disabling one at a time the entries that aren't absolutely necessary. You should be able to find a listing of common start up entries.
This may help
click here

  phono 16:41 10 Feb 2005

Have you had any luck yet miner? Let us know how you are getting on.

  pk470 16:50 10 Feb 2005

How much ram are you running??

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