Strange "paypal" email

  nickyjane 15:52 05 Sep 2006

I have had a email from paypal asking me to update my account, When I log on to the site address given my NAV comes up with a virus warning . Warning JS trojan- blinder detected on computer, any Ideas if this is a scam. I do have a paypal account. but is not often used.

  jimv7 15:54 05 Sep 2006
  Stuartli 15:56 05 Sep 2006

Scam Paypal (and e-Bay) e-mails are common - just delete it.

The most usual reason for "updating" a Paypal account is if your credit or debit card is about to expire and it's made pretty clear what the reason is for such an e-mail.

Genuine e-Bay e-mails include your Username.

  jimv7 15:56 05 Sep 2006

Ebay/paypal or any of the banks will NOT ask for personal information, always delete without opening, do not reply to any.

  Koochy 16:21 05 Sep 2006

my partner had the miss fortune of receiving such an email and nearly fell for it.
When you use the link to go to the web site check the address bar at the top it should start with "https://" not the normal http:// this is to show it is a secure site you should also see the little yellow padlock in the bottom corner of browser window.

Also in this email it should start with your user name AND your full name to show it is a genuine email if it does not have all the above you should forward it to [email protected]
Hope this has been of some help to you.


  Koochy 16:24 05 Sep 2006

If you have already given out any information to this site i.e. passwords or the like i would advise signing in to the paypal soon as possible and change your password.

Another little tip is never use links to go to a page like paypal or your bank account as they may be dodgy always type in the address yourself.


  nickyjane 16:24 05 Sep 2006

Thanks guys you have been a great help.

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