strange noises from my pc

  palinka 22:55 15 Apr 2007

Starting a few days ago my PC makes a very loud noise on power-up and at other random times . Sorry, can't be more specific; and right now, as I'm writing, it sounds normal. The loud noise sounds not unlike a drill or other similar machine. It started out of the blue as far as I can tell. Shortly before it happened I had copied to disk and then removed from the PC a large number of photos, so I was surprised to get a "dangerously low on resources" message AFTER that. I backed up all my files to disk, and also ran checks with CCleaner; Spybot; etc but found nothing . [It has just started making a loud noise again - like a drill in the next room, though muffled].
I've checked inside too, in case it was something loose, but everything is normal there too.
[noise stopped for a moment - but has now started again]
It's driving me mad. Can anyone suggest a cause and/or cure?
Machine is 6 years old, AMD Athlon, OS Win Me. It has always been noisy and i've ben planning to fit a quiet PSU, but the noise that is the problem now is totally different.

  skidzy 22:57 15 Apr 2007

Possibly Harddrive failure or maybe the psu fan or heatsink bearings have gone.

Backup/backup everything thats important.

Then open the case and remove any dust/residue.Then see if you can pinpoint the noise.

  wilfyboy 00:31 16 Apr 2007

how much space is left on your HDD? my old PC always made a similar sounding noise when disk free space was low, sort of like a chikachika woodpeckery noise. if its a fairly small drive it could have very little actual space left but still a large percentage so it wouldnt show as a problem.. i think! hope this helps

  sunny staines 05:26 16 Apr 2007

click here

this caused a groaning noise / drilling like noise on my pc. result was a suprise.

  provider 2 10:37 16 Apr 2007

Hard drive? click here

  palinka 22:45 19 Apr 2007

So busy I didn't have time to check further until tonight. Now found it's definitely a fan - I know which fan, but I don't know what it's called. It's not the PSU and not the processor. It's near bottom of the case/tower, at the front and I've found I can stop the noise by thumping the case at that spot!
I'll look at it again tomorrow and try to work out what it does and why it suddenly started making this awful din.

  skidzy 23:03 19 Apr 2007

" I've found I can stop the noise by thumping the case at that spot! "

Dont do that Palinka,you may give the motherboard a short sharp jerk and then you may be in a lot more bother.

Im guessing its an extra case fan for cooling,should be easy enough to replace.

  Gongoozler 07:07 20 Apr 2007

This kind of noise is almost always caused by the bearings of the cpu fan, graphics card fan or motherboard chipset fan, or something touching the blades of one of those fans. Take the side panel off your computer, roll a sheet of A4 paper to make a long tube, then with one end against your ear use the other end to locate the noise source.

  palinka 09:35 20 Apr 2007

Gongoozler, that's exactly what i did, that's how I know which fan it is. Yes, skidzy, I think it may be that as (from memory and haven't time to poke around at the moment - have to go out)it isn't attached to anything.

  keef66 09:53 20 Apr 2007

If it's at the front at the bottom of the case it's almost certainly a case cooling fan pulling air into the case. You could probably live without it; the exhaust fan(s) at the back are more important. Trace it's power lead back to the mobo or psu and unplug it, see how you go. Monitor cpu and mobo temps using the mobo manufacturer's utility, or download a freebie like Speedfan (or look at the temps in bios, but you can't do that while you're using the comp.)

  wee eddie 10:27 20 Apr 2007

I found that the noise was caused by the fan casing being slightly deformed the uneven expansion of the fins to which the fan was attached.

Solution: Unscrew the fan. Reattach with small blobs of Evostick which is slightly pliable

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