Strange noises

  jessej 16:40 25 Jul 2005

Periodically I am getting wierd noises from my computer after it has been on for 3 or 4 hours. I'm not sure how to describe them, my wife reckons it sounds like a tone from a mobile phone. Its a series of 5 or 6 pips or squeaks, though maybe more like a whistle, followed by a thump or bump. It can occur as much as every few minutes or there is a gap of half hour between them. I can't find any cause, the computer is not overheating, as far as I know, and its a fairly new hard drive.
If it wasn't for the thump, or bump, I would suspect the computer was picking up mobile phone signals. But then, this area is very bad for them, I can't get a signal at all for my mobile.
Any ideas please?

  Diemmess 17:31 25 Jul 2005

Are the noises coming from your audio speakers?

If they are, I confess I have horrendous thumps very occasionally while connected to the net, but then I am one who only switches the speakers on when I want to hear something, otherwise they distract, annoy, and stay off.

If the noises, thumps particularly, come from the 'box' or case speaker then I would be interested to know what causes them. They would scare me!

  jessej 18:58 25 Jul 2005

Hi Diemmess.
That describes it exactly, I have tracked them down as coming from the speakers and, as you, I only turn them on if, and when, I want to hear something. I don't need some woman from AOL telling me I've got email, for example.
If it is of any help, they are Creative speakers, namely Creative Inspire 2.1 2400. But, as I said, the noises don't start until the computer has been on for 3 to 4 hours which was why I immediately thought of a overheating problem. While I can't rule that out entirely, there is no other indication of it.

  Danoh 19:25 25 Jul 2005

My speakers are not plugged into surge-protectors and would produce a thump when the freezer, fridge or other electrical device plugged into the same ring main comes on/off.

My mobile's handshake with the nearest mobile base station sometimes registers as series of noises on the speakers as well. This happens even when there isn't a call coming in or being made.

  Diemmess 19:59 25 Jul 2005

Interesting thought about mains interference, and also that jessej like me is using Aol.

Danoh's suggestion of RFI is likely to be the cause of any whines or weird tonal things, but the thump has to be heard to understand the shock it gives me..... But then I always thought my Altec speakers rather overdid things on the woofer.

Honestly jessej I don't think anything sinister is happening. My surge protection is an old but heavy duty auto transformer which may spare me, or perhaps accentuate unwanted noises which seem to happen only when things should be silent!

  jessej 08:40 26 Jul 2005

Thank you for your replies.
Unless someboedy out there comes up with the cause then I gues this will hev to go down as an unresolved mystery.

  Danoh 09:00 26 Jul 2005

jessej, try a process of elimination. Keep your mobile switched off and see if you continue to get the noises, excluding the "thumps". If you only get the "thumps", try using a power extension cable to run your speakers off but connected to another ring main in your house (e.g. an upstairs socket if your downstairs if you're not too sure about the ring main layout).

  jessej 18:52 26 Jul 2005

Thanks Danoh
I'll try that. I should have said, the speakers are plugged into the surge protector, as is everything else. As for my mobile, its never turned on at home, I can't get a signal here, the nearest place to my home is half a mile away. I used to get a signal if I went to the bottom of the garden but no more, but that's another story, only O2 can solve that little problem.

  [email protected] 21:17 26 Jan 2006

type this into your search bar, i know this ,i had it,

this is strange (R2D2) NOISES FROM H/D

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