hiwatt 12:36 24 Apr 2007

My computer makes a noise when starting it up for the first time everyday and sometimes when opening firefox or something.It's a kind of ker ching noise.It's been doing it for a long time without any problems but I would like to know what's causing it as I don't think it's normal,any help much appreciated,thanks.

  provider 2 13:05 24 Apr 2007

This it? (head stuck to platter)click here

  Jack Hackett 13:06 24 Apr 2007

Is it the 'Start Navigation' event sound?

Go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > click on the Sounds tab
Scroll down the list of sound events until you find 'Start Navigation', click on it and then in the 'Sounds' box below select None from the list, click OK to apply.

Let us know if that is the 'fix'

  keef66 13:18 24 Apr 2007

have you got Skype loading at startup??

I read somewhere that this has a sound like that associated with it

  hiwatt 15:07 24 Apr 2007

Thanks for the responses.It's none of the above.It's coming from in the case it does sound as if it could be the drive but not sure.It just goes ker ching(like an old till)once and that's it?

  Jack Hackett 15:32 24 Apr 2007

Time to take the cover off and investigate closer with your ear.

  Terry Brown 15:40 24 Apr 2007

If you know the name of the hard drive (use 'everest' or 'belarc' to find out.Contact the manufacturer and see if they have a diagnostic program to check it. (Maxtor do, and it is very good).If they drive is faulty, replace it as soon as possible, if not check to see if you have a loose cable,and the CPU fan is running smoothly,

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