Strange net connection

  Rhuddlan 20:36 05 Mar 2005

Purchased an e machines 5250 computer from Currys a few days ago and I have just noticed in network connections there are three, the first dial up one is my current deafult connection which is for wanadoo broadband, the other two are below this connection, in an area called LAN or high speed internet, one that is connected is called1394 connection and according to the status it's speed is 400.0Mbps and has been connected since I connected the comp to the net when I got it on Thrusday. The other is a LAN connection which is unplugged, is it safe to disconnect this 1394 connection? I have only my wanadoo broadband modem connected to the comp and have no LAN or home network, as I only have one comp in the house. Any ideas?

  Gongoozler 20:41 05 Mar 2005

As far as I know, 1394 is Firewire.

  Rhuddlan 20:43 05 Mar 2005

I have two firewire connections on my computer, but nothing is plugged into them, I will disconnect it.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 20:49 05 Mar 2005

don`t panic one is just for your lan network if you ever set up on and the other is if you want to plug somethine like a dv i.e video camcorder in to the pc and import video 1394 connection I would just ignor them .

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